DAPPI - upholstered wall panels for any size

DAPPI is a company that was born out of a combination of a passion for creating unique products and a desire to make things fun. The company's main mission is to satisfy customers by providing a range of interior amenities. High-quality dappi products not only add elegance and coziness, but are also extremely functional.

DAPPI is a company that produces upholstered wall panels for any size, used in the design of modern interiors, as well as exclusive upholstered frame beds, with headboards and continental beds. The panels work sensationally in the bedroom creating a soft wall, which makes the interior even more cozy. They have a wide range of applications both as headrests in bedrooms, but also in living rooms, or as seats mounted in closets. Increasingly, dappi products are appearing in public buildings.

Łóżko dziecięce z wezgłowiem w kształcie muszelki Shell

Children's bed with shell-shaped headrest Shell


Dappi panels are flame-retardant and sound-absorbing, making them ideal for offices, conference rooms or so-called phone booths, creating a safe and functional work space. We have the necessary certificates and measurements with soundproofing parameters.

In our offer you will find products such as:

- bedroom beds with a bedding container and lifting frame
- customized upholstered panels
- children's upholstered beds with different models of headrests and dappi KIDS panels dedicated to the youngest children
- children's mattresses with removable covers in a fabric of your choice
- upholstered open pouffes
- acoustic panels
- upholstered sofas
- upholstered pictures from the dappi NATURE collection
- curtains, pillows and other interior accessories.

We also carry out unusual projects - our priority is the highest quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

Łóżko z dwoma zagłówkami, barierką ochronną oraz szufladą wysuwaną na drugi materac lub skarby Comfort

Bed with two headrests, guard rail and pull-out drawer for second mattress or treasures Comfort


Upholstered beds with bedding container and lifting frame

A comfortable and healthy night's sleep is essential in maintaining your well-being on a daily basis. There is no doubt that in order to wake up in the morning rested and sleepy, a solid bed is essential. With us you will make your bedroom the perfect place for relaxation and regeneration.
Dappi company is not only a unique wall composition using upholstered panels. Dappi is also modern beds made to measure, which form an integral part of the bedroom. The bedroom is a place where we are especially concerned about feeling safe. A well-designed room should provide effective rest and full comfort of staying in it. There is no doubt that it is the bed that plays the biggest role in fulfilling these assumptions. The assortment we offer is made of high quality materials with special attention to every detail. Our products have been created with care to provide ideal conditions for a night's rest.
Thanks to dappi, you can order a functional bed dedicated to your needs, clothe it in any fabric and configure it with soft panels.

Ekskluzywne łóżko Evolution z zagłówkiem, skrzynią na pościel i podnoszonym stelażem na siłownikach gazowych. Idealne do eleganckiego wnętrza

Exclusive Evolution bed with headrest, bedding box and lifting frame on gas cylinders. Perfect for an elegant interior


Upholstered seating and alcoves for any size

The entrance to your home needs to be as organized as possible so as not to hinder activities such as getting dressed, hanging up things or looking for keys. Upholstered seating in the hallway is a great solution that combines functionality and style.
Upholstered box placed in the recess of the closet development is becoming more and more popular in hallway arrangements. Together with dappi panels, it creates an exclusive seat for an elegant vestibule. By being able to adjust the size of the box to individual needs, dappi offers unique solutions.

Łóżko lewitujące Aladyn z pojemnikiem na pościel i podświetleniem LED

Aladdin levitating bed with bedding container and LED illumination


Comprehensive offer for the youngest dappi KIDS

Choosing a customized children's bed gives us great opportunities to customize it to the individual needs of the toddler. A children's bed needs to be low enough so that our little one can easily climb on it. In addition, some children's rooms are not too large in such situations cribs for size can be a great solution. And let's not forget that for many children the bed is also a place to play, so the crib must be safe. In this case, we offer safety barriers. An ideal solution for storing various treasures is a container under the bed or a pull-out drawer, which can also serve as a place for a second mattress. We also offer various types of children's mattresses, for which we can sew a removable zippered cover. Cribs can be decorated with wonderful headrests in various shapes, for example: ball, rabbit, teddy bear or decorative panels for any size, which will protect our baby from contact with a cold wall. All products are made in the highest quality certified fabrics easy to clean.

Łóżko z miękkim zagłówkiem oraz ze zdejmowanym pokrowcem montowanym na rzepy Fluffy

Bed with soft headrest and with removable cover mounted with Velcro Fluffy


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