Reliable and designer Steinberg bathroom faucets. Color at the service of originality

For the love of color - Steinberg mixers with original designs

The STEINBERG specializes in the production of top-of-the-line fixtures - exclusive, aimed at customers who value quality, functionality and design. It is not without reason that the solutions of this brand can be found in the most interesting hotel or residential investments of recent years in Poland and around the world.

Seria 260 Rose Gold

Series 260 Rose Gold


German manufactory - precision and quality workmanship

Products are made at the factory in Düsseldorf, Germany, where the manufactory also operates. There, with care and attention, experienced craftsmen prepare each product, paying attention to finishing details or polishing the final form. The brand's creations have won many design awards, and in addition to its own designs, the company has repeatedly benefited from the talents of Jochen Schmiddem and Michael Schneider. It was the Schmiddem-designed 260 series that was one of two to receive a new finish. The power and dynamism of this mixer in delicate rose gold gets a new dimension and freshness.

Architects and customers have fallen in love with colors in the bathroom

Seria 250 Chrom

Series 250 Chrome


The color is the new black

After the offensive of matte black, interior specialists and investors are more and more boldly reaching for other colors. All indications are that now is the time for various shades of gold. Steinberg's range includes products in elegant rose gold and timeless brushed gold. In addition, finishes such as matte black, brushed nickel and chrome are available. In the form of inspiration, the brand has chosen to create unique photographs that work extremely well on the viewer's imagination.

Seria 430 Mineo Stone

430 Series Mineo Stone


Steinberg fixtures - not a bad piece

A few photos from the unique session titled Art of Everyday Steinberg x Ada Gruszka above and in the gallery, the rest can be seen on the brand's profiles. Live products can be seen in the best bathroom showrooms in Poland.

For more information, visit the company's STEINBERG page on PdD.