MODULAR FURNITURE Create space according to your needs

The interior of the apartment and house changes with us. That's why when arranging it, it's worth betting on functional modular furniture, which can be easily adapted to our own needs. They allow numerous metamorphoses of the space, regardless of whether we want to change only a small element in it or refresh the entire interior. Modular furniture can be freely moved, added and separated, so their purchase is an investment for years.

Kolekcja mebli Chill

Chill furniture collection


VOX offers three systems of upholstered modular furniture: Chill, Pelo and Modus, which provide comfortable relaxation and complement the character of our space. Upholstered units from the Chill collection are characterized by a cubist form with characteristic stitching and invisible legs. Thanks to the upholstery on all sides, the sofa or pouffe can be placed even in the center of the room.

Kolekcja mebli Pelo

Pelo furniture collection


In the Pelo collection you will find modern modules, in which the curved frame perfectly harmonizes with the furniture's contours. Each of the three types of modules - single, corner and pouffe - adds lightness to the interior, and the backrest made of flexible upholstery foam increases comfort during everyday use.

Kolekcja mebli Modus

Modus furniture collection


If we value classic solutions, it's worth betting on the Modus collection, which includes a chaise longue, a single and corner unit, a pouffe, as well as a corner sofa, a 3.5-seater, a 2-seater and a 1.5-seater. With such a wide range, we can freely create our own composition, and this will be facilitated by a discreet system for attaching modules hidden under the furniture, which can be found in each collection of modular furniture by VOX.

 Kolekcja mebli firmy

VOX furniture collection


When choosing furniture, we also decide on the color, texture and material of the upholstery. A variety of upholstery fabrics, such as velour, wool, linen and cotton, will allow us to choose models to match the look of our interior. Thanks to the high quality of the materials, we can easily clean dirt on the furniture, and an additional water repellent coating will protect it from the rapid absorption of a drink spilled by accident. The range of modular models also includes a variety of colors: from timeless whites and blacks to original shades of yellow or navy blue.

Advantages of VOX upholstered modular furniture

  • quick and easy metamorphosis of the interior,
  • independent adjustment of modules,
  • wide selection of fabrics and colors,
  • comfortable seats thanks to the use of comfortable foam,
  • diverse configurations thanks to several pieces of furniture,
  • discreet system for attaching modules.

For more information, visit the company's VOX page at PdD.