Furniture that, while fulfilling the highest quality standards - is distinguished by its timeless design

Unimebel is one of the most modern furniture companies in Europe. Drawing on years of experience and cooperation with respected manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the furniture sector, it takes advantage of developments in technology and offers exceptional new quality in its products.

Unimebel's offer includes upholstered lounge furniture and collections of box furniture made from solid ash wood. Together they provide a comprehensive proposal for interior design - from an elegant living room, through a tasteful and cozy bedroom, to a chic yet functional dining room or kitchen. The richness of the proposed styles, patterns, colors are conducive to and help realize both balanced, classic ideas, as well as bold, avant-garde design visions.

Kolekcja Loretto

Loretto collection


The best wood

The best species of certified ash and beech wood, seasoned for a minimum of 7 years in natural outdoor conditions.

Wood selection

The wood is carefully selected. Only raw material that does not have any blemishes is approved for further processing.

Natural joints

Only the highest quality, environmentally friendly adhesives and binders are used to glue the boards together. The finished pieces are then joined using traditional methods.

Bending technology

A unique technology for bending solid wood elements has been mastered to perfection.

Narożnik Diverso II

Corner Diverso II


Experienced staff

Experienced professionals are Unimebel's greatest asset! At each stage of production, specialists who are the best in their craft are employed!

Bonnelli springs

Own line for the production of high-quality spring formats - bonnelli. Formats guarantee comfort and many years of furniture use.

Natural stains

Varnishes and stains based on natural ingredients. These products are non-toxic, harmless and do not cause allergies.

Wide selection

A wide color palette of stains and varnishes. Carefully selected colors perfectly match the natural grain.

For more information, visit the company's Unimebel page on the PdD portal.