ZONDA furniture - simple solutions and modern design

ZONDA system is a set of universal furniture that will allow you to create an unconventional interior both in a functional office, an original youth room and a modern living room. The furniture, thanks to its simple forms and interesting, cool colors (a combination of gray and gently glossy white), perfectly match the trends currently prevailing in the furniture industry. Their manufacturer - the company MARIDEX - was established in 1996 and specializes in the production of laminated board furniture. From the very beginning, its idea was to create diverse collections that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Propozycja aranżacji
nowoczesnego salonu

Proposal for the arrangement of a modern living room


ZONDA furniture system - bookcases

Among the ZODNA system furniture you will find, among others, practical open bookcases, allowing us to expose items important to us, such as books, photos, souvenirs or decorations. The ZODNA system also includes closed bookcases with convenient sliding doors, which will be perfect for storing documentation and many other everyday items.

Propozycja aranżacji
funkcjonalnego biura

A proposition for arrangement of a functional office


Zonda - complete set of furniture for office and home

The collection also includes a wide desk and a pedestal with storage drawers - with such a set you can organize a spacious and comfortable work space without much effort. ZONDA also includes single beds, capacious closets, practical chests of drawers and a coffee table characterized by an interesting form.

Propozycja aranżacji
stylowego pokoju młodzieżowego

A proposition for arrangement of a stylish youth room


Zonda - high quality furniture made of laminated chipboard

All elements of the system are characterized by high quality workmanship, for which the manufacturer uses the highest quality laminated particleboard with edges protected by ABS edging. Ease of use is ensured by a reliable "PUSH TO OPEN" system, with which most elements of the set are equipped. All the solutions used have been carefully thought out, and combined with the competitive prices of the products are a real treat for all those who are looking for ideal furniture for their rooms for years to come.

Propozycja aranżacjiprzytulnego pokoju dziecięcego

A proposal of arrangement for a cozy children's room


More information about the company MARIDEX in the PdD portal.