Gilli - modern glamour furniture

Gilli is a unique glamour furniture brand created in Poland in 2019. The concept was born out of passion and fascination with Art Deco design and the modernism era. We want our furniture to stand out not only in style and form, but also in the quality of workmanship and finishing materials used.

Gilli furniture attracts the attention of guests, so it is eagerly chosen for the most representative rooms, in hotel lobbies, entrance areas, as well as in the waiting rooms of offices or exclusive clothing boutiques and beauty salons throughout Europe.

Kolejną propozycją do jadalni jest stół ze spiekiem Mulah oraz krzesła Fiji w tkaninie Boucle

Another proposal for the dining room is the Mulah sintered table and Fiji chairs in Boucle fabric

© Gilli

The most popular is still our kidney-shaped sofa Kei, which has stolen the hearts of many of our customers. Its unique form makes it fit beautifully into even the most avant-garde interiors. It is available in several fabrics, including the recently so fashionable bouclé fabric.

To complete the set for the Kei sofa, we suggest Louisiana armchairs, also finished with bouclé fabric, which perfectly complement the interior and are extremely comfortable.

Fotele Luzon wraz z krzesłami Faroe świetnie pasują do jadalni w stylu glamour

Luzon armchairs, together with Faroe chairs, are a great match for a glamour dining room

© Gilli

New to our collection is the Mulah quartz sintered table. The combination of white marble and gold base with brushed effect, as well as the possibility to set up to 6 chairs, makes it an ideal choice for a modern dining room in glamour style. The Mulah table is perfectly matched with chairs from the Fiji series or armchairs from the Maui series upholstered in velour fabric.

In the coming year, we have also prepared some novelties in the upholstered furniture category. It is the ultra-modern Atlantic corner sofa available in corduroy fabric and Luzon armchairs upholstered with bouclé fabric and velour in shades of fiery orange. The sofa is available for sale now while the armchairs are available for pre-order, with distribution starting in mid-2023.

 Fotel reżyserski w stylu glamour czyli Faroe

Director's chair in glamour style that is Faroe

© Gilli

You can order Gilli brand furniture both on our website and by contacting our consultant directly. We cooperate with many Shorooms all over Poland, so you can see our products live, where the professional staff will certainly help you to choose our products for your interior.

 Elegancki fotel Louisiana idealnie pasuje do salonu, aranżację można uzupełnić stolikami Flores z blatem z naturalnego marmuru, dostępnymi w dwóch rozmiarach. Na zdjęciu w towarzystwie sofy modułowej Savannah w kolorze kremowym

Elegant Louisiana armchair fits perfectly in the living room, the arrangement can be complemented with Flores tables with natural marble top, available in two sizes. In the photo accompanied by Savannah modular sofa in cream color

© Gilli

For more information, visit the company's GILLI page on PdD.