A small bedroom. How to decorate it?

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  1. Light colors, such as white, beige and gray, will optically enlarge the space.
  2. Choose simple and multifunctional furniture.
  3. Use the wall behind the bed to hang shelves.
  4. Use a mirror to make the bedroom space seem larger.
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Decorating a small bedroom requires ingenuity and efficient use of the available space. How to do it? Check out our tips!

Możesz wydzielić sypialnię ze strefy dziennej za pomocą grubych zasłon

You can separate the bedroom from the living area with thick curtains

Photo: Migdał Studio © hyzprojektuje.

Colors for a small bedroom

Colors, especially those on the walls, significantly affect the perception of the room. Due to the small size, but also because the bedroom is a place of relaxation and tranquility, opt for light and subdued colors. All shades of white will work perfectly, which optically enlarge and brighten the interior. You can also bet on delicate gray, universal beige and subtle pink or blue. If you want to also include bold colors, add them by using accessories.

Jasne kolory i proste meble dodadzą wnętrzu lekkości

Bright colors and simple furniture will add lightness to the interior

Photo: Tom Kurek © LOQM

Multifunctional solutions

Choose furniture that works well in several roles. A seat can also work as a stool at the dressing table and a place to store pillows inside it. Choose a bed with a drawer for bedding. Moreover, you can buy a folding bedside tables or standing mirrors with a shoe shelf.

Pufa może także pełnić funkcję stolika nocnego

A pouffe can also serve as a bedside table

© WestwingNow

Saving space

A great solution is also to create a built-ins around the bed. This way you don't have to waste closet space and all clothes will have their own place. Choose sliding doors, especially if there is a bathroom next to the bedroom. Also pay attention to the bed. A lower model without a large headrest will not overwhelm the space and will allow you to use the wall behind it, for example, for hanging a bookshelf.

Wykorzystaj ścianę za łóżkiem do stworzenia zabudowy

Use the wall behind the bed to create a built-in

© Pigalopus

Optical illusions

Don't overwhelm the interior with heavy forms. Opt for simple furniture with a light form. Here, minimalist, modern, Scandinavian and japandi styles will work perfectly. The interior will also seem larger if there is a lot of light in it, both daylight and that from a variety of lamps. The use of a mirror is already a well-known arrangement trick. It's great if the sunlight arriving from the window side will be reflected in it. You can also create a glass wall, which will make the bedroom seem more open and thus also larger.

Szklana ścianka sprawi, że pomieszczenie będzie wydawać się bardziej przestronne

A glass wall will make the room seem more spacious

© LINE Karolina Figel

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