How to minimize the risk of furniture falling over?

Safety at home is an absolutely key issue. How to reduce the risk of furniture falling over? An innovative system has just been developed that will help us with this issue.

Stabilne meble są podstawą bezpieczeństwa w domu

Stable furniture is the basis for safety at home


Safer living at home

Did you know that most accidents happen at home? One of the causes of such incidents is unstable furniture. This seemingly trivial problem can lead to really unpleasant consequences. That's why experts in the furniture industry have developed an innovative system. This solution is designed to reduce the number of accidents caused by furniture falling over, ensuring safer living at home. In the case of storage furniture, attaching to the wall is the best guarantee of safety. The "Anchor and Unlock" feature is designed to encourage users to secure their furniture this way.

Przymocowanie mebli do ściany zwiększa ich stabilność

Attaching furniture to the wall increases its stability


How does the „Anchor and Unlock” system work?

The "Attach and Unlock" feature allows only a limited number of drawers to be opened at one time if the furniture is not attached to the wall. This reduces the risk of tipping over, but does not eliminate it. Once the furniture is attached to the wall, the unlocking mechanism is activated and all drawers can be safely opened at once.

Funkcja „Przymocuj i Odblokuj” pozwala na otwarcie tylko ograniczonej liczby szuflad

The „Attach and Unlock” function allows you to open only a limited number of drawers


The first piece of furniture sold in the world equipped with this feature is the dresser. It is available in three variants: with 4 drawers and two different versions with 6 drawers.

Optimism for the future

Importantly, the developers of this system are encouraging other manufacturers to take advantage of the „Attach and Unlock” patent. So it is possible that in the future this feature will be the norm.

- In the coming years, we will continue to develop products with innovative features that enhance stability and safety of use for our customers around the world. These solutions will not be the same for every product, the functions will be built into the furniture as needed — says Bartosz Grund of IKEA.

W przyszłości może pojawić się więcej mebli ze specjalnymi systemami zapewniającymi bezpieczeństwo

In the future, there may be more furniture with special systems to ensure safety


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