In search of the perfect sleep

Beds that evolve with time and the changing needs of our bodies? The Swedish company DUXIANA POLAND, whose products are now available in Poland, has brought sleep comfort to an unprecedented level. Their legendary comfort means that selected models can be found in the most luxurious hotels around the world. It is used to say that DUX is more than a bed. There's a lot of truth in that, as it guarantees a good night's sleep and an extended deep sleep. After all, the bedroom is, for many of us, the only place where the body can repair, rebuild and regenerate.

Łóżko kontynentalne DUX 6006 z wezgłowiem Eden

DUX 6006 continental bed with Eden headboard


Personalized bed

Unless you and your partner are identical in shape, size and weight, you probably need a bed that takes these differences into account. The patented Pascal interchangeable spring cassette system in DUX beds, allows you to customize the left and right sides of the bed for optimal support and comfort. It gives you the possibility to replace a single section, or all three (in the case of a single bed) or even six cassettes (in the case of a classic double bed) and change the firmness of the bed depending on the weight, dimensions and, of course, the individual preference of the sleeper. The classic choice in this case is a softer section for the arms, medium support for the hips and firmer for the legs. Interchangeable cassettes of different hardness allow you to adjust each half of the bed independently, and furthermore to change its hardness, for example, after a few years, when the arms, which suffer during sleep, will need a softer base, without having to replace the entire piece of furniture. Thanks to the detachable top of the mattress, it's easy to rearrange the Pascal cassettes to accommodate areas where additional support may be needed due to changing needs, such as pregnancy or a temporary sports injury.

Łóżko DUX Xcluzive i fotel Pernilla 66

DUX Xcluzive bed and Pernilla 66 chair.


Investigated by scientists

Undoubtedly, DUXIANA furniture is not among the cheapest, but it is a proven investment for years in healthy, productive sleep, which cannot be replaced and experienced on any other bed. This thesis is borne out by scientific research conducted at Karolinska University in Sweden, a Nobel Prize-winning institution in the fields of physiology and human biology. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have proven that the continuous spring, which is at the heart of all DUX beds, has the unique effect of extending the deep sleep phase by one hour per night. The average duration of this phase is 80 to 100 minutes, so in a day of insomnia, extending it by another 60 minutes makes a huge difference. This phase provides us with true restoration of the body, and thus true rest. This is the only way to effective sleep, which is exactly what DUX beds provide.

Łóżko DUX 1001 z wezgłowiem Astoria

DUX 1001 bed with Astoria headboard


Continuous spring

The foundation of all DUX beds is an industry-unique continuous-core spring system that provides superior support, flexibility and durability. This superior performance requires more than 1.5 kilometers of specially rolled steel with extremely high tensile strength. The final product consists of a spring core system with more than 4,000 spring coils that allow maximum support and pressure relief for the entire body. In addition to quality, the manufacturers of DUX beds place great emphasis on design, allowing future owners of these luxury beds to choose everything; from the height of the mattress above the ground to the fabric of the headboard upholstery. We urge you to try out their famous comfort at Galeria Tetmajera83 in Cracow, the official distributor of DUX beds in Poland.

Wezgłowie DUXIANA z najlepszej skóry Dakota ze zintegrowanymi lampkami nocnymi

DUXIANA headrest in the finest Dakota leather with integrated bedside lamps


For more information, visit the company's DUXIANA POLAND page on PdD.