Mexen - modern furnishings for your bathroom

Mexen brand is modernity, original style and excellent quality at competitive prices. Since the beginning of our presence in the bathroom furnishings market, we have enjoyed the popularity and trust of customers - we are a Polish brand, perfectly familiar with the realities of the European market.

At Mexen, we employ designers who can uniquely combine modern trends and knowledge of what customers expect when choosing equipment for their bathrooms. We focus on unique style and modern technologies to create truly timeless solutions.

Unique style by Mexen

Fashion in bathroom furnishings is constantly changing, and we keep our hand on the pulse of these changes, adapting to market trends and creating a positive experience of using our product range. Our offer includes both classics and modern solutions. Browsing through our product portfolio, you can choose from a multitude of products, starting with bathroom ceramics, through fixtures of various types, and ending with bathroom accessories. What all Mexen branded products have in common is remarkable style and top quality.

MEXEN OMEGA kabina prysznicowa

MEXEN OMEGA shower enclosure


In our offer you will find something suitable for both lovers of classic bathrooms and those looking for original solutions. Do you dream of a bathroom in glamour style? Decorate it with us! Gold plumbing fixtures, a free-standing bathtub in an original shape, a modern shower cubicle - elegant and glamorous. Do you prefer minimalist bathrooms, associated with loft style? Opt for simple, geometric shapes, a washbasin in the color of raw concrete and a walk-in cabin, which will work perfectly in such an arrangement. Fans of functionality combined with sophisticated design will be delighted by our twin toilet bowls and bidets, which perfectly find their way into the bathroom space.

MEXEN CUBE wanna prostokątna

MEXEN CUBE rectangular bathtub


Modern technological solutions

At Mexen, we focus on quality, so before we bring a product to market, we subject it to a thorough inspection. The highest quality materials and modern technological processes used during production ensure that all Mexen-branded products meet the highest standards and allow for long and trouble-free use. We use ceramic heads in our bathroom faucets, so our taps are virtually indestructible. In addition, we install aerators in them, which allow for significant savings in the water consumed, without any compromise to the comfort of the faucet. We know that it is in our mutual interest to care for the future of our planet, and we do not forget our role in the global trend of caring for the environment.

We cover sinks, bathtubs and shower trays with a special coating that prevents limescale and cosmetic residues from settling on them. This definitely makes it easier to keep the bathroom perfectly clean. Our designers keep in mind the details that affect convenience, so shower hoses are equipped with swivel ends, so you will never again have the problem of a tangled hose. Quality, style and top functionality - these words best describe our products.

MEXEN HUGO brodzik prysznicowy

MEXEN HUGO shower tray


We combine comfort and style

We are a relatively young brand, but we can boast that nearly half a million customers have already trusted us. What is the secret of our success? In the fact that our priority is the satisfaction of every user of our products. Our main advantage is diversity going hand in hand with a comprehensively developed offer. In our assortment you can find every element necessary to create a modern, stylish and functional bathroom.

MEXEN LENA miska WC i bidet

MEXEN LENA toilet bowl and bidet


We keep in mind that many of our customers have bathrooms with a small footprint, which is why we offer bathtubs, shower trays and shower enclosures in many sizes to choose from. Our hardware and accessories are not only functional, they are also beautiful. A countertop-set washbasin, a bathroom faucet with an original shade and shape, or an original hanger can become an additional decoration of your elegant bathroom, which you will design and equip with our help.

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