Modern Design of Mirrors and Glass Furniture

GLASSLUX is not just carefully designed glass products created for your interiors. It's a lifestyle of caring about the quality of what we create. We value interiors with character! Based on this premise, we create products that are meant to look beautiful in our space, but most importantly, have a unique, special character. Therefore, with uniqueness and character in mind, our every product that goes into the store is created.

Lustro dekoracyjne „Tropical Circle”

Decorative mirror "Tropical Circle" ©.

© Glasslux

Mirrors, glass furniture and decorations Glasslux

We invite you to the extraordinary world of glass interiors - the world of GLASSLUX, thanks to which you will see glass in a completely new version. Our glass furniture is made with attention to every detail, we rely not only on mirrors, but also on lacquered glass and UV printing. We create modern solids adapted to the world design, so that our products attract with their uniqueness and unique appearance.

We also make mirrors and glass furniture on individual order, each of them can be prepared for an unusual size, using glass of different thickness we adapt to the furniture or mirror.

Lustro w czarnej ramie „Irregular” Szklana metalowa konsola „Abstract”

Mirror in black frame "Irregular" Glass metal console "Abstract".

© Glasslux

We try to diversify the appearance of our products, so Glasslux collections are a combination of glass with wood, metal as well as stainless steel. The variety of materials used in furniture and mirrors, can give very interesting effects in any interior. Mirror and lacquered glass elements inserted in the fronts of cabinets and dressers allow to optically enlarge and brighten the interior.

Lustro „Marmo Brown”

Mirror "Marmo Brown"

© Glasslux

If you are looking for a mirror or furniture made of glass then be sure to visit our website and learn more about Glasslux offer. We are, also on Instagram and FB, where you can see our products in arrangements.

Barek szklany z motywem zwierzęcym Szklany stolik kawowy „Black Mat”

Glass bar with animal motif Glass coffee table "Black Mat".

© Glasslux

We invite you to visit our showroom, where our entire collection can be seen live.

For more information, please visit the company's Glasslux page on PdD.