Modern washbasins - countertop or furniture washbasins?

What kind of sink to choose? This is one of the first questions we ask ourselves when decorating our bathroom. Certainly, we should not neglect the topic of the washbasin, because it is one of those elements that will effectively set the tone for our private spa.

When considering which model of basin will best fit into the style of our bathroom, it is worth taking into account whether we need a countertop basin or a furniture basin. We suggest in which interiors each type of basin will look best.

Umywalka Geberit Acanto

Geberit Acanto washbasin

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Choose the best one for your interior

What type of basin we decide on is really a matter of our individual preferences. However, it is worth remembering that countertop washbasins are more exposed, making them a stronger accent in the entire arrangement. At the same time, a rounded model will add lightness and gentleness to our bathroom, while a rectangular or square one will emphasize its modern, expressive, industrial flair.

For owners of small bathrooms, the Kolo brand has created a series of small washbasins from the Rekord line, which were designed specifically with this type of interior in mind. The advantage of smaller models is that they do not overwhelm the bathroom with their size. Like larger basins, they are also functional, as they give us a capacious space under the countertop where we can store cosmetics and toiletries.

We can also opt for so-called furniture washbasins. These are models installed to the wall, which can be installed with a matching set of bathroom furniture. This is a very practical solution that lovers of simple, consistent and classic forms will love.

If, on the other hand, we have a little more space available in the bathroom, it is worth considering the purchase of a wide double washbasin. This is a great solution especially for larger families - thanks to it, our children will never fight for access to the sink. In addition to furniture models, the Kolo brand also offers double washbasins placed on the countertop.

Stylistic dot over the "i"

Functionality is one thing, but aesthetic considerations are equally important. In an ultra-modern bathroom or a bathroom in the style of minimalist glamour, as well as one maintained in a slightly more vintage atmosphere, or even in an avant-garde art déco style, models from the Geberit Acanto collection will work perfectly. Sinks from this line are characterized by geometric forms - this is one of the most universal lines of the brand. The diverse, modular nature of Acanto matches the individuality of lifestyles. The series also includes bathroom furniture, which will provide plenty of storage space even in small bathrooms.

Umywalka Geberit iCon

Geberit iCon washbasin

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The Geberit iCon series is also equally versatile. The washbasins, with their linear design, gently rounded interior and contrasting, distinctive exterior lines, will perfectly accentuate the design of bathrooms maintained in the most diverse styles. The Geberit iCon collection offers plenty of design possibilities thanks to a large selection of edge heights, which range from 5.5 centimeters in the case of SlimRim furniture washbasins to only 1.5 centimeters in the LightRim version.

If, on the other hand, we want to furnish our bathroom in a distinctly minimalist, modern style, it is worth considering the Nova Pro Premium collection of elegant furniture and ceramics by Kolo. Fans of arrangements in the spirit of "less is more" will also be delighted by the designer collection Geberit Xeno², which won the prestigious iF Design Award. The strong, expressive exterior lines are accompanied by soft, natural shapes inside the washbasin. The effect is extremely pleasing to the eye and functional at the same time. Geberit Xeno² washbasins can be mounted on an elegant, narrow platform, which at the same time serves as storage for cosmetics and other bathroom accessories. The cabinets under the washbasin are designed without handles, which will emphasize the minimalist character of the bathroom.

Umywalka Geberit Xeno²

Geberit Xeno² washbasin

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On the other hand, for a cozy, somewhat rustic bathroom in the "modern farmhouse" style, washbasins with soft, organic forms, which at the same time do not lack elegance and natural lightness, will be perfect. The best choice will be a countertop washbasin from the Geberit Citterio collection. Its design will satisfy those who would like to create a relaxing, warm spa area in their bathroom. The gentle curves and large radius of the washbasins immediately relax and put you in a good mood. It's also a great solution in a guest bathroom.

Umywalka Geberit Citterio

Geberit Citterio washbasin

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Complementing the Geberit Citterio series is an assortment of bathroom furniture available in two wood finishes: beige oak and gray-brown oak, with glass fronts and gray-brown casings that provide finishing touches to the bathroom.

For more information, visit the company's GEBERIT Sp. z o.o. page on the PdD portal.