OKEDA - long women's hair is not afraid of our shower linear drains

Super-fast drainage of water from the floor is thanks to the high-performance OKEDA DOUBLE FLOW™ siphon with a capacity of up to 60 l/min. The capacity of rain showers and shower faucets is approx. 9-18 l/min depending on the model. This means that an OKEDA linear drain is able to pick up 3-6 times more water than will fall on your head from a rain shower head at the same time.

Wnętrze odpływu i syfon OKEDA DOUBLE FLOW™

The interior of the drain and the OKEDA DOUBLE FLOW™ siphon.


The unique design and mesh size of the dirt-catching strainer makes it effective, but at the same time does not impede the drainage of shower water mixed with high-foaming shampoos and hair. This is an element that is downplayed by many manufacturers, but which significantly affects the quality of the product's use and its effectiveness.

Szczelinowy odpływ liniowy PRIME LINE SLIM™

PRIME LINE SLIM™ slotted linear drain.


The most important thing in a shower arrangement is, of course, the pure pleasure of every shower!

We create PREMIUM linear drains for every bathroom and every shower. We proudly make them in Poland! Technically perfect and with a big heart very carefully made. The hand-polished grate from our PRIME LINE SLIM™ narrow slot drain is our pride.


PRIME LINE PURE BLACK™ linear drain.


Working with the laboratory of the Department of Fluid Mechanics and the Department of Materials Science of the Technical University of Lodz, we are confident that we are providing you with a PREMIUM product.

Odpływ liniowy PRIME LINE™

PRIME LINE™ Linear Drain


We use the most resistant technical sanitary plastic and high-grade stainless steel resistant to corrosion and aggressive chemicals found in cleaning products.

Our products deliver exceptional user comfort and will serve you for a long time. Of this we are sure! And at the same time they look beautiful.

Szczelinowy odpływ liniowy PRIME LINE SLIM™ – super wąski odpływ z ręcznie polerowanym rusztem na wysoki połysk

PRIME LINE SLIM™ slotted linear drain - super slim drain with hand-polished high-gloss grate


Time is money! So don't waste it on hard-to-clean linear drains

Our OKEDA drain trap cleans faster than changing the batteries in your TV remote control.

Assuming the average lifetime of a new bathroom to be approx. 15-20 years, don't waste your time with competing complex designs and ill-conceived solutions that are hard to clean and hard to get to.

Let's not kid ourselves - once in a while you need to look under the decorative grate of the linear drain and clean the gutter of the drain as well as the trap - there are no miracles. But if it is convenient and hassle-free as in the OKEDA™ drain, this activity is then not a nuisance - we guarantee it.

Odpływ liniowy PRIME LINE™ – ruszt dwustronny z możliwością wklejenia płytki

PRIME LINE™ linear drain - double-sided grate with tile insertion possibility


Strength of detail and the effect of a perfect finish - this is what all OKEDA shower linear drains are characterized by.

Odpływ liniowy PRIME LINE PURE BLACK™ czysta czerń – ruszt dwustronny zmożliwością wklejenia płytki

PRIME LINE PURE BLACK™ line drain pure black - double-sided grate with tile insertion option


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