Ready-made solutions for your home - advantages of prefabrication

Precast reinforced concrete products are becoming increasingly popular. Fast implementation, well-organized delivery and installation are the key to success and investor satisfaction. Examples of companies successfully implementing projects based on prefabricated elements are many, and one of them is the company LUBAR PREFABRYKACJA Sp. z o.o., which enjoys the trust of investors and has proven its competence in the implementation of many investments.

Prefabrykowane donice i ławki z betonu architektonicznego

Prefabricated architectural concrete flower pots and benches



Responding to the growing technological needs of investors, Lubar Prefabrication offers a wide range of individual solutions for prefabricated elements, provides professional assistance and focuses on close cooperation with customers at every stage of implementation. The company's comprehensive activities focus on residential construction, as well as broad infrastructure, industrial and public construction. Most commonly supplied are: Filigran ceilings, balconies, internal staircases including intercalated and carpet staircases, external staircases, retaining walls, small architecture - flower pots, benches, steps.

Ławki betonowe w parku w Warszawie

Concrete benches in a park in Warsaw



Prefabricated filigran ceilings are an increasingly popular solution in construction, both in the residential, industrial and office sectors. This type of ceiling is manufactured in a prefabrication plant, which allows for faster and more accurate construction than traditional construction methods. Filigree ceiling is a 5-6 cm thick reinforced concrete slabs, made of concrete of not less than C20/25 class, reinforced with steel trusses and reinforcing bars. As a result, they meet the standards for construction.


Prefabricated balconies are a modern solution for modern buildings. Prefabrication technology allows for quick and efficient implementation of the project, eliminating the need for complex formwork and reinforcement work at heights. As a result, the construction of a balcony is faster, easier and safer.
Prefabricated balconies are characterized by high quality workmanship and competitive pricing. Designers and architects have a wide range of options for designing a modern balcony design that will match the style of the building and its surroundings. It is also not without significance that prefabricated balconies are resistant to changing weather conditions, such as precipitation, sunshine and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, system thermal insulation connectors can be used, which eliminate the formation of thermal bridges at the point of connection between the balcony and the floor slab. As a result, prefabricated balconies provide comfortable use for many years.
If you are planning to build a balcony, prefabricated solutions are worth considering. Fast implementation, high quality and competitive pricing are just some of the advantages that prefabricated balconies offer. Interior staircases, including intercalated and carpet staircases

When it comes to interior stairs, including intercalated and carpet stairs, prefabrication is becoming an increasingly popular solution in construction. The production of such stairs takes place on one of our production halls, which means that they do not need to be shuttered and poured on site. These stairs are delivered to the construction site ready for installation, which shortens the time of the investment and reduces its cost. As a result, the investor does not have to worry about construction delays and can focus on other important issues.

Prefabrykowane balkony w budownictwie mieszkaniowym

Prefabricated balconies in residential construction



Prefabricated elements of small architecture, such as retaining walls, benches and flower pots, are an excellent way to attractively develop the space around buildings. Elements made of architectural concrete are unique and inimitable. They are often chosen as decorative elements in parks, hotel surroundings, markets and squares in many cities in Poland.

Innovative material and technological solutions, reliably selected staff of specialists, comprehensive service of each order (from the preparation of a full offer to consultation and design advice), well-organized production, timely delivery and quick installation make Lubar Prefabrication's products and services meet the requirements of many investors and architects.

Montaż klatki schodowej z prefabrykatów na lotnisku Pyrzowice

Installation of a prefabricated staircase at Pyrzowice airport


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