SAUNA SPA CONCEPT - manufacturer of customized saunas with years of experience


We are a company that designs and manufactures saunas, infrared cabins and steam baths. We create high-quality devices 100% tailored to your needs. With extensive experience gained since 2004, Sauna Ltd. offers the best solutions, tailored to the needs and requirements of the user. We specialize in creating both modern and traditional equipment. If you dream of a place to relax, we cordially invite you to contact us.

SAUNA SPA CONCEPT - producent saun na wymiar z wieloletnim doświadczeniem

SAUNA SPA CONCEPT - manufacturer of customized saunas with years of experience.



We design saunas for both domestic and public use. We have been doing this for many years and can guarantee consulting and workmanship at the highest level. Most of our saunas are individual realizations, which we offer on the basis of the dimensions or floor plan of the room sent by the client. Our staff prepares a sauna project and an individually tailored offer, and are ready to advise on how best to use the available space and select equipment.


The first step in the implementation of the sauna is the execution of an individually tailored project and offer. These are prepared on the basis of room measurements or information received from the customer, such as room dimensions or an overhead projection. After receiving the quotation, we invite you to contact us to determine the details of the design and order. When this stage is ready, we send documents confirming the order. When the room for the sauna is prepared we come for on-site measurement and in the next stage we proceed to the implementation and installation of the sauna. The elements of the sauna to measure are prepared by our professionals at the carpentry shop near Krakow. The installation team arrives on site on the agreed date and in most cases in one day assembles the sauna. During the reception of the device, our employees will present how to use the sauna and answer any questions related to it.



There is no better entertainment than the afternoon relaxation that Finnish saunas provide. Regular stay in the sauna has a great effect on the body. It ensures health, effectively raising the body's immunity to cold and some flu viruses. A Finnish sauna does not have to be a separate house, set in the garden. We make saunas in various rooms proposed by the customer. During construction we use only original and natural materials. Any wood that the customer decides on is chosen with special care. As a result, the interior, finishes and equipment meet all the expectations of even the most demanding users. Our Finnish saunas are safe and atmospheric.


Infrared sa unas are extremely modern thermal cabins. The way of heating the body is diametrically different from Finnish saunas. It relies on the use of radiation emitted from the infrared band by a special type of radiant heaters. The technology used in thermal cabins is safe, and the infrared radiation itself is completely harmless. This method has been used for years in hospitals for heating newborns in incubators. A huge advantage is that such cabins can be used in any interior without additional conditions. To install an infrared sauna, you only need a little space and an electrical outlet. The climate created inside the cabin is completely different from the classic Finnish sauna. The air heats up to 40 degrees Celsius, but the main carrier of heat is infrared radiation, which pleasantly warms the body.



A steam bath is not the same as a steam sauna, although the terms are often treated interchangeably in Poland. How is a steam sauna different from a steam bath? The most important issue is the temperature. A steam sauna reaches up to 65 degrees, while in a bath it reaches a maximum of 50. Baths must be manufactured from materials fully resistant to moisture because the humidity of the air oscillates at 95-100%, while a steam sauna, generating humidity of no more than 65%, can be made of wood. A steam bath can be decorated in virtually any style. Modern materials and technologies give virtually unlimited possibilities - we can change the shape of the partitions, create bays and arches, and compose finishing elements freely. Also, the choice of appropriate lighting can make the bath even better suited to your preferences.


Feel free to contact us for more information. We will be happy to prepare a free quote for saunas as well as help you design and select the best equipment. You can also find more information on our new website:


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