DIAMOND shower sets and kits - every drop of water is precious

Beautiful, functional and eco-friendly DIAMOND bathroom fixtures

When choosing appliances and items for everyday use, it is worth taking into account solutions that care for the environment. An example is faucets and shower sets from DIAMOND Sp. z o.o., which will reduce water consumption, and at the same time will be a decoration of our bathrooms.

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DIAMOND bathroom faucets

Bathroom faucets with flow mechanisms

When deciding on a faucet for the bathroom, we are often guided by its design, but it is also worth paying attention to functionality and ecology - this piece of equipment can not only decorate the interior, but also contribute to lower electricity and water bills. Made of the highest quality materials, DIAMOND bathroom faucets are distinguished by their elegant design, wide choice of styles, ease of installation and water consumption-reducing aeration system. Concerned for the environment, as we face increasing water shortages, faucets with flow regulating mechanisms such as aerators or aerators should be an obvious choice.

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DIAMOND bathroom faucets are made of solid brass with a chrome coating, which guarantees long-lasting use - chrome has anti-corrosive properties and is scratch-resistant. DIAMOND faucets are available in single-lever and standard (two-lever) versions, such as the Premium line of single-lever faucets with an artistic form that will work well in modern bathrooms, and standard faucets from the Premium line - a version for those who appreciate classics and simplicity. Also gaining in popularity are thermostatic fa ucets with two knobs - for temperature control and water jet setting. The faucets are covered by a 5-year warranty.

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podtynkowa RODOS RO-115.CH Komplet natryskowy
z baterią termostatyczną PAN-51, PAN-52

RODOS RO-115.CH concealed shower mixer andshower set with PAN-51, PAN-52 thermostatic faucet


DIAMOND shower sets and sets, or lower bills

Global water conservation begins in our bathrooms. Out of concern for the environment, we have created DIAMOND shower sets and sets using the most innovative solutions.

Made of solid brass, DIAMOND showers use technologies that reduce water consumption by 50% compared to standard products, resulting in lower electricity needs and reduced carbon emissions. For householders, this means lower water, sewage and electricity bills. This result was achieved thanks to a flow restrictor, special jet nozzles and mixing water with air in the faucet aerators.

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All DIAMOND products are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH ), which guarantees the safety of the product in contact with water intended for human consumption, and meet all applicable standards - including those confirming approval for marketing and general use in construction (construction mark).

For more information, visit the company's DIAMOND Sp. z o.o. page on the PdD portal.