Door and glass wall systems, closets and dressing rooms

Raumplus is a brand specializing in the production of high-end systems of glass walls and interior doors, as well as cabinets and closets. The company has been present on the Polish market for 20 years and operates through a network of local distributors. Raumplus Poland also operates a showroom in Warsaw, at 5/7 Burakowska St. The company's latest solutions are displayed there.

A priority for Raumplus is the highest quality of its products. This is guaranteed by strictly controlled production at the Bremen factory and the Warsaw plant. Among the latest solutions are doors with decorative muntins, the layout of which can be individually designed. All solutions are ordered to size and personalized in terms of finish. Bookcases and doors allow for the development of corners and bevels.

Innovative design and groundbreaking innovations in space arrangement have earned the brand many awards including iF, Germad Design Awards and Red Dot. Raumplus is present on five continents and works with partners in 70 countries.

Drzwi przejściowe Swing door slim line Regał Ledno drzwi RPS

Swing door slim line Bookcase Ledno door RPS

© Raumplus

Sliding doors

The loft style enjoys enduring popularity! In response to this trend, Raumplus has introduced S1200Air doors, in a version with decorative muntins. Their layout is determined on a case-by-case basis and can resemble factory windows. Importantly, the S1200Air door is devoid of a bottom track, which preserves the modern and elegant effect of a uniform floor. It is also worth noting that all Raumplus doors have universal application, so they can be used as a passage door or closet closure.

Swing Door

The Swing Door Slim Line interior swing door is one of Raumplus' bestsellers and an excellent choice for contemporary interiors - from minimalist to industrial. This modern type of door has no frame, and the two pivot hinges are almost invisible.

The aluminum frame is hidden in the thickness of the wall, which gives the effect of a uniform surface, without a protruding frame. The door frame is made of aluminum and is only 1.5 cm wide. The leaf can be filled with a panel or various types of glass and optionally decorated with decorative muntins of an individually determined pattern. The Swing Door Slim Line model is available with a single or double leaf and with side or top lighting.

Drzwi przesuwne S1200Air ze szprosami w loftowym stylu

S1200Air sliding door with muntins in loft style

© Raumplus

Walk-in closets

A walk-in closet is the best way to store clothes and accessories. With Raumplus shelving and doors, it can be designed and configured in any way you like. To separate the annex, the S1200Air glass wall and sliding door system, without a bottom track, will be perfect. The size, color of the aluminum frame and type of glass, each time are determined individually. Raumplus shelving units offer even greater possibilities for personalization. The Uno model has an openwork aluminum structure and allows you to build in corners and design sections suitable for different types of clothing. Legno cabinets with RPS hinged doors, on the other hand, will work well for storing shoe collections or particularly valuable or delicate clothes.

Regał Legno drzwi S1200 z poziomymi szprosami

Legno bookcase S1200 door with horizontal stiles

© Raumplus

Modern closets

This year's Raumplus novelty is the S1200 sliding door with decorative muntins in a fashionable horizontal layout. The system makes it possible to order doors with individually selected door density. The frame and muntins are made of aluminum, which can be finished in anodized black, brown or silver, or varnished in a shade selected from the RAL palette. Raumplus also offers a wide selection of glass types. Similarly, a wide range of personalization possibilities, in terms of configuration and finish, is provided by the Legno built-in system.

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