Decorating your bedroom? Here are the five biggest trends of 2024

The beginning of the year is a time for inspiration and learning about new trends. What changes await us in the arrangement of the bedroom? Here are five tips!

The new face of Hygge

The hygge trend- the Scandinavian sense of coziness, comfort, happiness and serenity — is getting a new look. A trend that fits perfectly into this philosophy is paying more attention to sleep efficiency. Therefore, health and comfort come first. Continental and frame beds are gaining popularity. We rely on comfortable beds and mattresses, providing adequate ventilation, preventing overheating and sweating during sleep, and minimizing the growth of fungi, bacteria and dust mites. This is complemented by soft, cozy quilts, pillows and duvets, as well as soft lighting.

W 2024 roku skupiamy się na jakości snu

In 2024, we focus on sleep quality

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The art of individuality

The bedroom is the ideal place to express one's taste through interiors. Therefore, art becomes an integral part of the arrangement. Paintings, artistic photographs or unique wallpapers emphasize the individuality of the space, adding character and depth. We are also increasingly reaching for vintage elements. Carefully selected antiques bring a unique character to the bedroom and furniture from bygone eras, can gracefully combine the interior with the architecture of the house and its surroundings.

Dzięki sztuce stworzysz wyjątkową aranżację

With art you will create a unique arrangement

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Colors of nature

In 2024, nature-inspired colors are winning the hearts of architects and design lovers. Bedrooms become a place that reflects the beauty of the outside world and the color palette of nature brings peace and harmony. Subdued colors in the bedroom is not only a trend, but also a way to create a place for regeneration.

Naturalne kolory pomagają się zrelaksować

Natural colors help you relax

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We are starting to play with styles, combining various elements of the bedroom into cohesive compositions. Mixing modern with retro, minimalism with eclecticism, and different textures within a single color palette will create unique interiors. Experiment, be creative and enjoy the process of creating your own unique bedroom.

Nie bój się łączyć elementów z różnych stylów

Don't be afraid to combine elements from different styles

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Smart bedroom

We are also bolder with smart technologies. For example, we can opt for beds with lighting built into the headboard. Models controlled by remote will provide greater comfort for the elderly or those with physical limitations. The latest solutions also allow us to adjust the individual firmness of the mattress. Smart blackout blinds or voice-controlled lighting are other innovations worth considering.

Inteligentne technologie świetnie sprawdzają się także w sypialni

Smart technologies are also great for the bedroom

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