Which mattress is the healthiest? Researchers from Karolinska Institutet investigated this

A team of scientists from the prestigious Swedish institution that awards Nobel Prizes in medicine and physiology decided to examine the quality of sleep on different types of mattresses. The study aimed to identify key factors important for a healthy rest.

Searching for the best mattress

The study conducted by Swedish scientists focused on identifying factors that affect sleep quality. Experts analyzed various types of aspects in an effort to understand what factors are key to ensuring the best recovery. An independent study conducted by Karolinska Institutet chose to measure sleep patterns. The researchers studied people sleeping on different spring mattresses, using EEG to record electrical activity in the brain's cortex.

Materac musi pozwalać na swobodne poruszanie się podczas snu

The mattress must allow free movement during sleep

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It turns out that when the body sinks too deeply into the mattress and prevents free movement, the brain reacts by sending a signal strong enough to interrupt deep sleep. We can avoid it by choosing a mattress that flexibly responds to body movements. It should adapt to the weight and shape of your body, allowing you to move freely during sleep. The optimal model provides active support, adjusting dynamically to the user's needs.

Active support for the spine

The mattress should provide adequate support for the spine. This will ensure that the weight of the body is evenly distributed. This helps maintain proper posture and prevents discomfort during sleep. If you sleep with a partner, a mattress with good motion isolation will help minimize sleep disturbances caused by the other person's movement.

Dobry materac powinien przystosować się do naszego ciała

A good mattress should adapt to our body

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Not too warm, not too cold

The right mattress should also support body temperature regulation, especially in winter. Sleeping too hot or too cold disrupts the transition through the various phases of sleep, including the deep sleep phase.

Dobry materac zapewnia regulację temperatury ciała

A good mattress provides body temperature regulation

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