Shower drains and more...

Shower drains and more...

Shower drains from the Wiper company allow you to freely choose the shape of the cabin and the finish of its floor. The use of them allows you to dispense with thresholds, they are dedicated to bathrooms without barriers.

Prysznic Wiper

Wiper Shower



All drain components are made of high-quality certified stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316), which guarantees durability, corrosion resistance and unchanging appearance during use. All Wiper drains are covered by the NIZP-PZH "Product with Certificate" program. Each series of drains is sold in complete sets in NEW version.

Odpływ liniowy
PREMIUM w pełnym zestawie

PREMIUM linear drain in full set


Odpływ liniowy
PREMIUM ZK w pełnym zestawieOdpływ liniowy INVISIBLE
w pełnym zestawie

PREMIUM ZK linear drain in a full set, INVISIBLE linear drain in a full set.



This is a series of modern WIPER linear drains equipped with an insulating collar useful for installation in the floor with an insulating layer. The curved flange makes it easier to install against the wall and ensures optimal offset of the drain from the tiles laid against the wall. It is topped off with an elegant grille and stainless steel frame with a width of 84 mm. There are 6 grille designs available (including PURE - for tiling), in 3 finishes (polished, ground, matte). Standard gutter lengths [cm]: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120.

VERRE – kabina
prysznicowe typu walk-in

VERRE - walk-in shower enclosure


Walk-in shower cabins are pure form

They come in two color variants: VERRE BRIGHT timeless silver in gloss version and VERRE BLACK elegant modern black in matte version. The wall is made of 8 mm thick tempered glass with applied hybrid Active Shield coating that protects against dirt deposition and makes it easier to keep clean. The wall mounting profile and stabilizing bracket with length adjustment up to 120 cm and angle adjustment of 180° make installation extremely easy and intuitive. The model of the cabins is universal and allows left and right installation.

For more information, visit the Wiper company's page on thePdD portal.