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Holiday home on the beach. Sand House overlooking the Baltic Sea

03 of August '21
Technical data
Name: Sand House
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Polish sea.
Studio: CORE
Design team: Kamil Cierpiol, Szymon Chrzanowski
Area: 220 m²


  • design
  • implementation


A private vacation home, located on a charming plot of land surrounded by nature and right on the shores of the Polish sea sounds like a dream to many of us. Recently, architects from CORE studio had the opportunity to execute such a project. Their Sand House is a minimalist house, resembling a beach pavilion embedded in the landscape .

Sand House,
dziedziniec chroni przed wiatrem

The veranda and inner courtyard protect from gusts of sea winds


Sand House is located directly on the beach, so due to weather conditions, the house was designed to protect residents from wind and water. The structure, as in the case of beach pavilions, is raised above ground level, so that the interior is not threatened by the raised sea level during high tide. On the other hand, the appropriately designed veranda and inner courtyard, protect against intense gusts of wind.

Widok na plażę

The sea, sand and forest were paramount to the architects


In creating this project, we tried not to compete with the beautiful landscape. The sea, sand and forest were the most important in this case. The house was to blend in with the surroundings, not dominate them. This resulted in a simple, minimalist block, which, with its white facade and large glazing, complements the magnificent landscape of our investor's plot," says Witold Jarzynski of the CORE studio.

Sand Hosue, pawilon

Sand House resembles a pavilion


Dobrawa Bies: The house you designed has a very simple, pavilion-like body. What were the assumptions and design inspirations?

CORE: The building is to be located on a plot in the first line of the coast right next to the beach. The conditions allow the building to be built in the style of villas in the style of buildings from southern Europe. The form was to be simple and clear. The building in such a location cannot compete with nature and the environment - it should be part of it.

Duże przeszklenia
i widok na morze

An unobstructed view of the sea was important to the owners


Dobrawa: What requirements did the investor set for you?

CORE: Framing, shots, exposure of the surroundings. In a word, sinking into nature.

Dobrawa: What posed the greatest design difficulty for you, and what are you most satisfied with?

CORE: The difficulty in design is always the client's expectations. Understanding the context of the site and the relationships that arise from the intermingling of internal and external zones. In this project, the staff we were able to achieve, while maintaining the intimacy of the interiors, are our greatest success.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

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Dobrawa Bies

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