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Acoustic suspended ceilings

11 of December '20

OWAcoustic®, a brand of OWA, already in the name contains the quintessential feature of the products offered. Europe's oldest manufacturer of mineral wool ceilings has, in addition to the classic modular ceilings, a range of other solutions designed to provide noise reduction in the room.

Acoustic suspended ceilings are often the only (and usually the best) solution to meet room acoustics requirements. As of January 1, 2018, most non-residential spaces must meet the requirements of PN-B-02151-4:2015-06, according to the latest regulation on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location.

RAW grey © OWA

RAW grey


For those who do not want to give up the homogeneity of the ceiling, but at the same time want to ensure the required noise reduction, we offer OWAplan® - a monolithic Class A system, which in practice allows you to make any ceiling development, so far made of G-K tiles.

To meet the demand for products with a natural look and structure, we created a large-format (240x120 cm) suspended ceiling system from the RAW series. Structure, grey and clay versions are available in perforated and smooth versions, respectively. RAW tiles have a natural, non-uniform surface, introducing an element of randomness.

If for some reason (ventilation, design) we intend to abandon the classic suspended ceiling altogether, we can use equivalent sound-absorbing elements: ceiling sails, Freestyle® laths and wall absorbers, or Corpus® three-dimensional sails, recognized as Best of the Best in the 2018 RED DOT Award. Currently, the system is supplemented with Corpus lighting.

Sinfonia panels are produced in 6 identical-looking versions, differing in the combination of sound absorption and sound insulation. This solution makes it possible to design interiors with complex acoustic parameters. The tiles are also available in the OWAline® system and with the OWAlight® linear lighting system, which allows, in addition to an interesting appearance, an additional acoustically absorptive surface.

RAW clay © OWA

RAW clay


S6 corridor systems, which do not require suspension, are an excellent solution in connection with the increasingly dense packing of installations under the ceiling of corridors, while introducing the required acoustic comfort.

Suspended ceilings perform a number of other functions: fire protection, acoustic insulation of the ceiling space, antibacterial and antifungal protection. They are used in cleanroom cleanrooms. We invite you to take advantage of the assistance of our consultants.

For more information, visit the company's OWA Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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