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3 x AQForm! For fans of minimalism

03 of December '21

AQForm Lighting Solutions

AQForm is a Polish manufacturer of modern lighting fixtures. The brand has been successfully conquering the Polish market for many years, and also, by joining forces with Delta Light Group, the international arena. The brand's portfolio is constantly growing, and you can find pendant, surface-mounted, recessed and system luminaires, as well as wall lamps, spotlights and busbars. AQForm has been proving for years that functionality can go well with high-quality design. The brand's products have gained recognition internationally, with the PET next collection recently recognized by the A+Product Awards jury.

PET next PET next

PET next

© AQForm

From design to implementation

AQForm products are created in a factory near Krakow, but to make this possible - a few floors up is the Research and Development Center. This is a laboratory where the main character is light. It is here that its parameters and, above all, safety are studied. This place makes it possible to take even greater care of the development of new families of luminaires, thanks to the possibility to work on more specialized equipment to study and test the developed products. The next step is to see how a given luminaire performs in a specific environment - an office, open space, as well as in a private space such as a bedroom or bathroom.

RAFTER mix RAFTER points

left: RAFTER mix; right: RAFTER points

© AQForm

3 x AQForm!

MODERN BALL simple model is a real treat for fans of minimalism. In the version with increased IP, it is dedicated, among others, to the home spa, which is a room that particularly requires a perfect source of light, but also an unusual design and a guarantee of safety. The simple form of MODERN BALL simple makes this lighting with the same gracefulness will be found in a hotel lobby, home living room or private bath room.

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© AQForm

RAFTER points are precise optics and a large angle of protection, which guarantee high light intensity with extremely low glare. Proper optics combined with good light quality (high CRI, low ripple) will guarantee good visual comfort. And visual comfort is important for the rest of our eyes.

RAFTER pointsRAFTER pointsRAFTER points

RAFTER points

© AQForm

TheG/K series are semi recessed luminaires that provide greater interior elegance, as well as the possibility of digital control even for luminaires of small size.

AQForm has significantly expanded its portfolio this year. Each product is a combination of technology, functionality and design. There's something else - a 5-year warranty!


For more information, visit the company's AQForm Lighting Solutions page on thePdA portal

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