EV Architects

EV Architects, founded in 2005 by Ewelina Jankowska, is a team of close-knit, creative people who, for more than a dozen years, have been trying to respond to the various needs of investors by creating architecture that is consistent and timeless.

"We strive to make the architecture we design as comprehensive as possible, so in addition to architecture projects we also do interior design. In the design process, the most important thing for us is the dialogue with the client, where by learning about his needs, we are able to create a building that is harmonious, unique, and at the same time meets the established requirements. It is important to inscribe the building in its context - urban space, greenery, or specific lighting. We consider it crucial in the design process to take care of a clear functional layout, a corresponding logical structure, as well as good proportions. During the design process we are guided by achieving consistency of form and properly selected materials. We undertake architectural projects of single-family houses, multi-family houses, public buildings and revitalization. We perform conceptual designs, multi-discipline construction projects and detailed designs. We design residential, office, retail and service interiors. We emphasize a high aesthetic level of architecture, as well as interiors, so that both spaces are consistent with each other. We care about dialogue at every stage of design, from concept to completion. The ideal we strive for is a design that is closely tailored to the client's needs, requirements and financial capabilities, while appealing to the timeless."

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