Gray but not gloomy - a residence in Wroclaw

12 of April '22

The realization located in Wroclaw is an example of building a unified character of the interior through a coherent whole. Not only the color scheme, but also the texture, type of fronts and scale create an interesting and sophisticated interior.

najważniejsze było stworzenie jednolitej aranżacji

The most important thing was to create a unified arrangement

Photo: Tom Kurek © EV Architects

gray, but not gloomy

The author of the project is Ewelina Jankowska of EV Architects. In this realization she wanted to refer to the spirit of modernism, but giving it a fully modern character. Most important is the choice of natural materials such as stone, glass and wood. The color scheme is primarily kept in gray tones, which does not imply a gloomy character of the interior.

Our priority was to preserve the large open space of the house with enclaves for rest and relaxation. Hence the many open rooms and the possibility of flexible interior design with sliding doors. The garden and terrace are also connected to the house through a huge electric sliding panoramic window," comments architect Ewelina Jankowska, who leads EV Architects.

szarości są dominujące, ale z pewnością nie nudne

The grays are dominant, but certainly not boring

Photo by Tom Kurek © EV Architects

The kitchen as the heart of the house

The most important room in this realization is the kitchen - it is not only a space for cooking, but also for eating, meeting and recreation. The dining room is ultimately intended to accommodate up to ten people. The kitchen area is separated by a kitchen island, which was closed off on one side. A large gas cooktop has been placed on it. In this way it connects to the entire kitchen.

kuchnia to przestrzeń utrzymana w jednej kolorystyce

The kitchen is a space kept in one color scheme

Photo by Tom Kurek © EV Architects

Black and gray fronts were decided on. The cabinetry is uniform - kept in minimalism. Elsewhere, you can find quartz sinters with a gray-white character. The only distinctive color element is the hood combined with the lamp - here white is the king.

minimalist living room

The living room furnishings are minimalist. Veneer wall coverings in soft brown correspond with the white of the floor and ceiling. In addition to a wide sofa, there is a small coffee table and a RTV cabinet kept in the color of the wall coverings. The lack of excess in the living room allows you to relax and create a comfortable and calm space.

wnętrze salonu to czysty minimalizm

The interior of the living room is simple minimalism

Photo by Tom Kurek © EV Architects

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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