HRA Architekci Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Wojciech HermanowiczBłażej HermanowiczStanisław Rewski

Wojciech Hermanowicz, Błażej Hermanowicz, Stanisław Rewski

HRA Architekci was established in 2004 as a result of a merger of the forces of designers: architect Wojciech Hermanowicz - a former partner of MWH - Architekci of Warsaw's leading architectural office of the 1990s - with the office of architects Blazej Hermanowicz and Stanislaw Rewski. Today, HRA Architekci works with a team of more than 100 designers, which puts it among Poland's largest architectural offices, specializing in large development office and residential projects. Many years of servicing the largest Investors operating in the Polish market have allowed the company to build a large, experienced team of architects capable of meeting the highest demands. Since 2017, HRA Architects is a group of two specialized companies that functionally divide between themselves the tasks of multi-discipline architectural design and professional project management and service to Investors. As a result, services are provided in an efficient manner while maintaining the highest standards of project work.

The key to success in our professional activity turned out to be a very broad and comprehensive perception of our work. We try to consider the tasks posed by new clients on many levels: architectural, urban planning, social, economic, cultural and environmental. The ability to combine all these aspects allows us to realize objects and assumptions that fit into the urban fabric, while giving great satisfaction to clients, while meeting the business objectives of the investment. We consider the interdisciplinarity of our profession to be our greatest challenge.

We believe in the deeply humanistic dimension of our work. We seek clear and expressive aesthetic forms, taking into account the purpose of the buildings and while clearly meeting the requirements of budget and efficiency of the facilities.

As architects, we are constantly striving to grow, expanding our portfolio of projects to include buildings with functions or locations that we have not designed before. We also pay special attention to advances in IT, equipping our offices with the latest software. Our design workshop takes into account on an ongoing basis all technological possibilities in the field of construction.

In our work we also pay special attention to the impact of our projects on the environment, striving to ensure that the buildings and complexes we implement can count as environmentally friendly investments.

We offer support at all stages of the investment process, prepare comprehensive architectural designs and provide author's supervision over their implementation.

Our greatest satisfaction is the satisfaction of our clients and the awareness of creating a friendly environment for future users of the facilities we design.

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