Joanna Kubieniec

We are close to the values of the so-called Silesian school of architecture. We try to focus on the problem, not just on showy solutions. In our work we are not concerned with decoration. Rather, it is the result of design decisions. We develop projects in terms of their functionality, technical feasibility and durability. We think about the project comprehensively; starting with the concept and ending with the author's supervision and photo session. We work with proven specialists and contractors from various industries. The entire design process is developed together with the client, with whom we talk, consult and analyze various aspects and possibilities, trying to understand his point of view and needs. We work with both private individuals and representatives of business or public institutions.

Architektura & Biznes – articles

Complete interiors, or conscious design and living
Glass lighting installations in interiors
Glassini SMART balustrades - the strength of aluminum balustrades with free choice of fillings