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Designer and quiet kitchen hoods. Minimalism, white, gold - trends in your kitchen

10 of December '20

Kitchen hoods that look like lamps? Designer mimicry and technology in the modern kitchen

Toflesz is a Polish manufacturer of cooker hoods with more than 30 years of experience in the market. The company's mission is to provide customers with the highest quality with a combination of global design features and ecological use.

We want our kitchen hoods to be not only a kitchen appliance, but also an original and unusual decoration of the kitchen. Out of concern for the environment, we are introducing newer and newer technologies and innovative solutions into the process of designing and manufacturing kitchen hoods, company representatives write.

Pearl cooker hood Okap Aura BlackOkap Aura BlackOkap Aura Black

Aura Black hood


Pearl cooker hood - the first ceramic hood in Poland

The Toflesz Perl cooker hood is manufactured from handmade ceramic, which was specially designed for this unique, unparalleled cooker hood. The distinguishing feature of this product is its extraordinary slenderness and design, which will give any kitchen a stylish dimension. The shape of the hood itself is very impressive - it's a large hemisphere, resembling more a stylish lamp than an appliance designed to absorb fumes. Pearl has state-of-the-art, extremely effective, yet unnoticeable peripheral absorption. The bottom layer of the hood is covered with decorative and elegant tempered glass, which features an LED strip.

Okap Baltic Island Gold ©

Baltic Island Gold hood


Baltic Island Gold hood - gold is the new black!

The latest trend in interiors is the use of the color gold. The Baltic Island Gold hood fits into this trend and also impresses with what is currently most fashionable and appreciated - simplicity and minimalism. The classic round form of the hood is suitable for any type of interior. Baltic Island Gold is not only eye-catching, but also extremely functional. It is electronically controlled, and illuminated by two efficient LED lights. It has a 9-minute timer and a remote control. The Baltic series hoods come in other color variants and as wall-mounted or cable-mounted versions.

Wentylacja kuchni
z wykorzystaniem wentylatora dachowego – cicha kuchnia © TOFLESZ

Ventilation of the kitchen with the use of a roof fan - a quiet kitchen


Quiet Kitchen system - an innovative solution for the 21st century

Toflesz has entered into an unprecedented cooperation with a Finnish brand of roof fans, which, in combination with kitchen hoods, provide a unique solution that guarantees the noiseless operation of the hood. Developed by the company, the Quiet Kitchen System is a compatible combination of a roof fan and a motorless hood that will ensure perfect kitchen silence. The function of the hood fan is taken over by an extremely efficient and quiet roof fan. Its operation, even intense, is virtually inaudible in the kitchen. This innovative solution is available for any type of roofing and diameter of ventilation duct, even on a masonry duct.

For more information, visit the company's Z.P.H. TOFLESZ LESZEK TOFIL page on the A&B portal.

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