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Kermi cabins and radiators - practicality and design

28 of November '22

Comfort and reliability

For about sixty years, the Kermi Sp. z o.o. company , based in Lower Bavaria, has been manufacturing and developing products in the field of heating and sanitary technology to bring a pleasant atmosphere into your homes. It is part of the Swiss AFG Arbonia-Forster-Group, one of the world's market leaders. Also Kermi Sp. z o.o. is among the leading European manufacturers creating products for your pure pleasure. Long experience, passion in creating beautiful forms, as well as advanced knowledge and the ability to use state-of-the-art technologies give birth to items whose reliability is guaranteed by the German brand.

Kabina Kermi Nica

Kermi Nica Cabin


Practicality and design are one in Kermi Sp. z o.o. products. This is confirmed by the awards received for innovative technological solutions and design. They make it even more apt to choose Kermi Sp. z o.o. , when quality, functionality and specific design are expected.

High production standards Kermi Sp. z o.o. are maintained based on the CE mark and the European standard EN 14428. Assurance of the grade is also provided by certification of the quality control system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.

Grzejnik Ideos

Ideos radiator


Shower cabins

The layout of the bathroom or its purpose, for example, for the elderly or disabled, often requires a special shower cubicle. A cabin designed for a large bathroom for a family with small children should have different qualities, while a cabin in a hotel should have different qualities. The {tag:manufacturer} manufactures customized shower cabins as part of a special KermiEXTRA service - depending on the installation situation or taste.

Grzejnik Signo

Signo radiator


Kermi shower cabins can be customized in several areas. Adaptations such as custom color, individual sandblasted pattern on the glass, mirrored glass, handle changes or the most varied combinations of profiles and hinges can be realized without any problems. Thus, one can personalize the product by, for example, having the hotel's logo sandblasted on the glass, choosing a profile color to match the bathroom decor, cutting the glass in the case of an attic-mounted cabin, or taking care to make the entrance to the cabin so wide that a person in a wheelchair can easily enter it.

Walk-In Mena

Walk-In Mena



Kermi panel radiators - perfect in form and functionality. Available in profile or Plan versions, with a flat front. The world's first and only panel radiator with serial flow, which saves up to 11% of energy while providing 100% thermal comfort - therm X2. Now also available is the novelty of x-flair panel radiators - for low temperature supply. This makes it ideal for use with modern heat sources - both in the case of heating system upgrades and in new buildings.

Grzejnik płytowy x-flair

x-flair panel radiator


Particularly in existing buildings, it enables the quick and easy replacement of old radiators as a practical alternative to underfloor heating. Due to its short heating time and rapid cooling, the x-flair is ideal for use in rooms used temporarily, with short-term fluctuating heat demand, such as offices or children's rooms.

Walk-In i grzejnik Geneo circle

Walk-In and Geneo circle radiator


For more information, visit the Kermi Sp. z o.o. company page on the PdA portal.

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