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Tin roofing and façade cladding. Elegant functionality from Blachy Pruszyński

02 of December '21

The leading position in the Polish tin roofing market is evidenced by the several dozen percent share of materials offered by Blachy Pruszyński in total sales in the Polish market, as well as by numerous prestigious awards and distinctions at home and abroad.

The range offered by the company is extremely diverse. In addition to roofing sheets, these include trapezoidal sheets, cassettes, panels and wall cassettes, steel gutters, sandwich panels with a polystyrene, wool and PIR type polyurethane core, structural steel profiles, as well as profiles for dry construction. All production lines and machinery are operated by experienced and highly qualified personnel with great versatility, allowing flexible adjustment of production to the needs dictated by the market.

 Biurowiec WAVE by
Skanska w Gdańsku

realization in which Blachy Pruszyñski materials were used - WAVE by Skanska office building in Gdañsk

© Blachy Pruszyñski

Elegance, functionality and durability are features that modern buildings should have. It is now easy to create front walls that meet these requirements. This is possible thanks to the use of facade coffers that look perfect in all conditions.

The product is becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising, as it provides architects with great opportunities in the design of buildings - regardless of its purpose - causing it to fit perfectly into the architecture of the 21st century. Obtaining an unparalleled appearance is possible thanks to harmonious connections, straight joints, as well as rich colors and a variety of textures of the coffers (they resemble, for example, wood or natural stone) and the possibility of combining with many materials, such as wood, stone, aluminum, glass or fiber concrete panels (they can be used on the entire building or only on selected, representative fragments).

Produkcja poliuretanowych
płyt warstwowych PIRTECH

Production of polyurethane sandwich panels PIRTECH

© Blachy Pruszyñski

In addition, the advantage of facade coffers is that they are produced in various sizes and shapes adapted to the specific geometry of the facade. A wide spectrum in personalization allows free operation of shapes and colors in the design of facades, thus satisfying the tastes of the most demanding customers and allowing the use of co ffers in sophisticated and innovative architectural designs of industrial buildings, services or single- and multi-family houses.

Szkoła Podstawowa im. gen
Stanisława Maczka w Pojałowicach

A realization in which Blachy Pruszyñski materials were used - Gen. Stanis³aw Maczek Primary School in Pojałowice

© Pruszyñski Sheet Metal

Pruszyński company, thanks to its high production flexibility, can offer unusual solutions in the field of manufacturing elevation elements that will harmoniously blend with the surroundings. In addition, a group of specialists participates in the entire construction process, providing assistance both in the design phase and also during the implementation of the investment.

For more information, visit the company's BLACHY PRUSZYŃSKI page on the PdA portal.

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