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Complete investment tile system with a wide range of formats and colors

14 of December '20

RAKO OBJECT - program of object tiles

A complete system of investment tiles with a wide range of formats, from 2,3x2,3 cm, to 60x60 cm, specialized finishes (corners, angles, drains), or parameters (slip). The program includes: modular COLOR TWO floor tiles in 24 colors, fully compatible with the COLOR ONE series of wall tiles.

The color scheme includes two, 12-color scales: the rainbow, vivid colors of the day, and the night scale - tones of beige and gray. The monocolors are matched by unglazed TAURUS technical stoneware, including TAURUS INDUSTRIAL, which is a tile for floors with high mechanical loads or with a danger of slipping, available in 20x20 cm and 30x30 cm formats, in 9, 13 and 15 mm thicknesses.

Kompletny system płytek
inwestycyjnych o szerokiej gamie formatów i kolorów © RAKO

A complete system of investment tiles with a wide range of formats and colors


The surface of the anti-slip tiles shows slip for barefoot A-C (DIN 51097), and from R9 to R13 for shod foot (DIN 51130). The photo opposite shows the SR20 relief of an R13 slip technical tile with a V8 drainage space (8 cm3 /dm2). RAKO Object also includes the POOL pool system. Specialized ceramic tiles, offered in 6 colors, designed for lining floors, walls and basins in swimming pool facilities, providing the required functional and aesthetic parameters. The collection is complemented by special swimming pool fittings (overflows, channels, corners, mosaics). The pool program can be supplemented with COLOR TWO tiles to a full 24-color scale.

KAAMOS series - awarded with the title
Pearl of EU Ceramics 2019

KAAMOS porcelain stoneware tiles are offered in five colors: ivory, beige, beige-gray, gray and black, with R10/A slip surface. The tiles are offered in formats: 80x80, 80x40, 60x60, 60x30, 45x45, 10x10 and 5x5 cm. The collection is complemented by an unrectified, economical 30x30 cm tile, milled treads and plinths.




The differentiated (V3) decoration of the technical stoneware face allows for safe use in high traffic areas. The tiles are rectified to caliber 8, which allows for modular combinations with other RAKO products. KAAMOS Industrial extends the series with rectified tiles 15 mm thick, in 30x60 and 60x60 cm formats, intended for floors with higher mechanical load (sales rooms, garages), while KAAMOS Outdoor adds thick, 2 cm rectified tiles of 60x60 cm format, intended for dry laying outdoors (terraces, balconies, swimming pool surroundings). The safety of users is guaranteed by a surface with R11/B slip.

PORFIDO series - novelty 2021

Terrazzo mapped in the form of colored glazed stoneware with abrasion resistance PEI 4 or PEI 5, depending on the color. A unique combination of high slip resistance R10 / B and a matte, pleasant to the touch, satin surface. ABS in short.




The decoration emphasizes the subtle contrast of glossy and matte terrazzo grains, achieved with HD printing technology. The 120x60, 60x60 and 20x20 cm formats, with a rectified edge in caliber 8, can be combined with each other or with other RAKO products, giving full freedom to realize modern designs. The PORFIDO series offers six color variations: white, beige, ochre, gray, black and blue. The series is complemented by a 5x5 cm mosaic, treads in 120x30 and 60x30 cm formats, and a 60x9.5 cm pedestal in four basic colors.

For more information, visit the company's RAKO / LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o. page on the A&B portal.

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