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Comprehensive suspended ceiling systems

25 of January '20

Strong brands are distinguished by the fact that they stay true to their principles, that there is a reason why they operate in the market, and that they keep their promises to their customers. The international brand of Knauf AMF suspended ceiling systems boasts all these attributes.

We have been on the Polish construction market for nearly 20 years. We offer comprehensive suspended ceiling systems: THERMATEX®, HERADESIGN®, TOPIQ®, MONDENA®, TACET®, VENTATEC® and DONN®.


is an internationally known brand. Ceiling tiles produced bywet-felt process, consist of mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch, we rely on natural raw materials. We place great emphasis on continuous development and are constantly enriching our portfolio with new solutions, such as Baffle systems, ceiling islands and wall absorbers.


are high-quality ceiling and wall acoustic solutions, based on magnesite-bonded wood wool and featuring a unique, timeless design. Only natural raw materials are used in the production of the panels. HERADESIGN® - This is what sustainable acoustics looks like!


is a generation of softboards. The production technology is based on fleece-laminated stone wool boards for all types of rooms. The products are lightweight, easy to install and have high sound absorption values. TOPIQ® Strong Edge Technology - soft but strong!

MONDENA® metal panels

is a whole range of products: from square panels, to panel ceilings in the corridor system, to specialized solutions. We offer panels in 19 different designs, a wide range of colors, durable, resistant to odor absorption, elegant and easy to clean.


are construction systems for suspended ceilings that combine top quality with versatility of application - both in terms of material and logistics. Choosing panels and structures from a single manufacturer saves time and reduces costs. The excellent quality of the material, combined with the precision of manufacturing on state-of-the-art production lines, is a guarantee of consistent high quality profiles.

TACET® - a seamless acoustic ceiling!

The new TACET® brand combines all products and systems in the field of seamless ceilings. It is a sophisticated design and an effective acoustic solution. Unlike competitor products, the system does not require joint filling. In the final stage of installation, two layers of special acoustic plaster are applied. This gives us the opportunity to create ceilings not only in white, but also in a whole range of other colors.

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