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Pivot revolving doors in the TotalGlass system. You will not pass by them indifferently

26 of April '22

The premiere of the PIVOT door, made with the TotalGlass system, took place at the 4DD Trade Fair in Katowice. The giant PIVOT front door, 3 meters high, was created for design connoisseurs and all those looking for unusual window joinery solutions, combined with advanced technology.

Pinus exposition at 4DD Trade Fair in Katowice, Poland

© Pinus

Patented TotalGlass System - for design lovers

Several years ago, PINUS - a manufacturer of window joinery, present on the Polish market for 31 years - developed and patented the TotalGlass system. TotalGlass is an alternative to large-size aluminum windows. TotalGlass windows are a combination of classic and modern. Visible from the inside, the wooden frames and sashes of the TotalGlass system give rooms a warm and timeless character. On the other hand, externally, the system's windows and doors form a perfect, flush plane of glass, "letting" the landscape into the room.

© Pinus

TotalGlass three-foot designer exterior doors

The PIVOT (English for pivot) door is a large-size pivot entrance door that opens on the left as well as the right side. This is made possible by the use of an offset sash axis.

The doors are constructed on the same principle as TotalGlass windows, derived from the same family. From the outside, we see a clean sheet of glass, without divisions, and from the inside - wood in the RAL color of our choice.

© Pinus

PIVOT doors can weigh up to half a ton! However, the weight does not affect the difficulty of opening them. The product complements the entire system and fits perfectly into the designs of single-family houses, as well as commercial buildings. An additional advantage of this solution is the choice of a designer handle, or a fingerprint reader in the entablature with a bell button.

For more information, visit the company's PPUH PINUS SP.J. J&M SMOLARCZYK page on the PDA portal.

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