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2tec2 vinyl floors - quality, design, functionality

01 of December '21

2tec2 High Tech Flooring is a Belgian company that specializes in the production of vinyl flooring, it was created as part of a family business, and its history stems from the textile industry. A vast knowledge of material science allows 2tec2 to create modern and elegant carpets.

The company's mission is to bring innovation to floor finishes in private and commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, healthcare, public spaces or living rooms. Designed for long and intensive use thanks to the combination of fiberglass and vinyl. This unique composition makes the floor modern, characterized by excellent technical parameters, thus meeting the highest European quality standards. These solutions are appreciated by architects around the world for their timeless elegance and incredible durability.

Emperador; kolekcja

Emperador; Marble collection

© 2TEC2

The 2tec2 brand has introduced an additional "Comfort" underlayment as a standard for its products , which reduces ambient noise, reducing impact sound by 19 dB, reduces the sound of audible footsteps and absorbs sound, and improves comfort underfoot. Comfort flooring is standard throughout the 2tec2 collection, making it the preferred contract flooring for architects and interior designers around the world.

2tec2 products come in a wide range of colors and through the light falling on them, they surprise with unique visual effects. Due to their unique style, they open up many design possibilities. They dynamize the space giving each place a unique character. Thanks to their invisible joints, they are extremely elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Hoyos; kolekcja Desert

Hoyos; Desert collection

© 2TEC2

Durable, waterproof, and easy to clean, 2tec2's bonded vinyl carpets and floors are solutions for those who value the good looks of a room for years to come. Functional flooring that combines the best features of both hard and soft flooring.

Portoro; kolekcja

Portoro; Marble collection

© 2TEC2

Vinyl flooring from 2tec2 stands for high quality, original design and extraordinary functionality.

2tec2 Minerals Collection 2021

Thenew 2tec2 Marble & Desert collections reflect a yearning for nature and sustainability. 2tec2 polished these "uncut diamonds," marble and sand, to create two high-quality and technically advanced floor coverings, resulting in two new collections of woven vinyl. They remain true to their original source of inspiration, while retaining the beauty of the mineral. In appearance they resemble carpet, but with the advantages of hard flo oring and an interpretation of pure minerals, these two collections are the epitome of innovative design.

Aliveri; kolekcja

Aliveri; Marble collection

© 2TEC2

Outstanding, regal and eternal. These words come to mind when you look at the Marble (Marble) collection. This collection is inspired by the crystalline material that was used to build impressive palace halls and has been the canvas for breathtaking monuments throughout the ages. Each design features wild but purposeful streaks of color that are unique to its namesake, reflecting the controlled chaos that comes from nature.

The available color variety of the Marble collection uses shading to give the floor depth and a sense of history, as if it has its own story to tell.

The Desert collection pays homage to the inspiring expanses of barren wilderness that cover our planet. While the pattern may seem simple, like the desert terrain for which it is named, each piece is composed of a unique and vibrant ecosystem that creates an impressive impression of endless history.

The visual elements of each color, mimic the moving sands of the desert and thus will bring users back to a lifestyle devoid of excessive ornamentation that our nomadic ancestors once lived.

Namib; kolekcja Desert

Namib; Desert collection

© 2TEC2

2tec2's flooring is the best step to raising the company's profile and workplace projects.

For more information, visit the company 's2tec2 High Tech Flooring page onPdA.

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