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Equipment of public bathrooms

22 of December '20

Fluid Control Systems Ltd. general distributor of products from Schäfer, Bobrick, Aliseo offers you, in addition to the products themselves, technical advice and all assistance in the selection of bathroom partition systems and accessories used in public and hotel bathrooms.

The highest quality of our products guarantees the achievement of an elegant decor. A variety of stylistic lines plus your imagination are the building blocks for creating interesting and unique bathrooms.

Kabiny systemowe, ścianki działowe, SCHÄFER © Fluid Control Systems

System cabins, partition walls, SCHÄFER

© Fluid Control Systems

System cabins, partition walls, SCHÄFER

The choice of system and color schemes as well as custom hardware is up to you. Our proposal includes five different style groups:

  1. Cabins made of glass.
    Exclusive, high quality, safe and hygienic. Elegant VITRUM and VENTO systems.
  2. Cabins with touchless opening doors.
    A system that ensures an increased level of hygiene. The door is opened by simply holding your hand in front of the sensor. Unique LOOK & WAVE system.
  3. Full height 'floor to ceiling' cabins.
    Enhanced privacy zone. Made of composite panel or sandwich panels with HPL or glass surfaces. ALTUS and VENTO systems.
  4. Cabins giving the impression of 'hanging in the air'.
    Unique design gives an original character to the bathroom. Enhanced hygiene level. JUMP systems.
  5. Standard cabins
    Wide selection of colors and materials. Both budget and custom designed systems. EF-3, VK13, VKH13, SVFG40, SVF30, SV30, PUP30 systems. (not illustrated)

Individualizing the visual effect of the cabins can also be achieved through the use of freely designed prints, LED-lit panels, illuminated vacant/occupied signage.

Kabiny systemowe, ścianki działowe, SCHÄFER © Fluid Control Systems

System cabins, partition walls, SCHÄFER

© Fluid Control Systems

All systems can be used to design toilet cubicles, changing cubicles both in public bathrooms as well as in stores, dressing rooms and locker rooms, and to divide space in solariums and health and beauty salons.

The use of available swinging - cowboy or sliding doors is sure to distinguish your designed cabins. We also recommend toddler cabins - designed specifically for children. Design complements include shower stalls and serial or modular HPL laminate lockers, wall covers and curved sink tops.

BOBRICK public bathroom accessories.

A bathroom space will always be made to shine with properly selected bathroom accessories. Bobrick accessories made of high-quality stainless steel in three basic style lines: Contura®, Trimline® and Classic® are products of high aesthetic, and of course, functional qualities.

A set of essential accessories needed in the bathroom, such as touchless or traditional soap dispenser, stainless steel framed mirror, touchless or traditional paper towel dispenser, towel basket, hand dryer, toilet paper holder, sanitary waste basket, toilet sanitary pad dispenser, brush, is available in each of the three lines, in several designs.

Noteworthy is the 3-in-1 model presented in the photo (1), which is a dispenser of heated paper towels, a basket and a super-efficient two-nozzle hand dryer.

Wyposażenie łazienek ogólnodostępnych © Fluid Control Systems

Equipment for public bathrooms

© Fluid Control Systems

An original solution is a modular paper towel dispenser integrated with a basket (2). Its design makes it possible to create a combination of 3 different towel feeder modules (folded, from a roll, electronically fed) with 2 basket modules (capacity 45 l, capacity 68 l).

It is worth noting the significant reduction in operating costs as well as care for the environment, less waste provided by soap dispensers that use soap from containers rather than cartridges, and TowelMate limiters that reduce paper towel consumption by 20%.

As many ideas as solutions - Bobrick offers you more than 600 products and 110 years of experience.

ALISEO Germany bathroom accessories

For more than 30 years, Aliseo has been steadily creating anew quality in the hospitality sector by changing products in a way that ensures the greatest usability with simultaneous attention to the highest guest comfort.

This is because successful hotels have realized that a hotel is no longer just a 'place to sleep' but a place of relaxation where one returns for the comfort, safety and convenience of home.

Akcesoria łazienkowe ALISEO Germany © Fluid Control Systems

ALISEO Germany bathroom accessories

© Fluid Control Systems

Aliseo thus offers technologically innovative bathroom and room accessories with great aesthetics and exclusive designs including black, gold or eco leather series.

On our website in the "General Bathrooms" section you will find the "For Architects" tab, where CAD files, BIM objects and catalogs of our products are available.

Anyone interested in additional information on the products of the presented companies as well as Bentley, Franke AquaRotter, Mediclinics, and reference lists, please contact our company.

For more information, visit the company's Fluid Control Systems Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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