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GAAG - concrete is our passion!

07 of December '22

GAAG is made up of people who have been working with concrete for more than 20 years. Recipients include both large companies in the construction sector and individual customers from all over the country. In the beginning, the company functioned only in the fencing industry, where the main segment was a decorative assortment of architectural concrete. Over time, the company's profile changed following market demand for precast architectural concrete products made to individual orders for use in both urban and private spaces.

Skwer Kornela Morawieckiego we Wrocławiu, ZZM Wrocław

Kornel Morawiecki square in Wroclaw, ZZM Wroclaw


Why use concrete in the arrangement of urban space?

Increasingly, urban spaces are combining aesthetics with functionality. They are not limited to public buildings, but extend to their surroundings: squares, courtyards, sidewalks or arcades. It is in these places that finishing materials should be used that, on the one hand, guarantee strength and durability, on the other hand, are aesthetically attractive. Precast concrete is a solution created for modern urban arrangements.

Mała galanteria betonowa GAAG

GAAG's small-scale concrete accessories


Customized concrete precast elements - why are they gaining popularity?

Urban spaces made of concrete are one of the hits of recent years. They blend perfectly with green surroundings, allowing them to be used in many arrangements that take into account the principles of universal design and concern for the environment. Among other benefits of using small architecture made of concrete are:

- Durability - concrete is very difficult to damage or crush. Custom-made concrete architecture provides years of durability and peace of mind for owners.

- Resistance to weather conditions - in Poland we increasingly encounter extreme weather conditions. Heavy rains, frost, heat and even hailstorms - small architecture made of concrete is resistant to them.

- Ease of maintenance - wood needs to be impregnated, metal needs to be painted regularly. Meanwhile, concrete materials do not require special care.

- Customizability - concrete can be molded and shaped in any way, depending on individual needs and preferences.

Inwestycja prywatna Wrocław – bloczek GAAG VIDE szary

Private investment Wroclaw - GAAG VIDE gray block.


Suggestions for using architectural concrete

The raw nature of concrete suits many architectural styles. GAAG VIDE modular blocks are the ideal raw material for building stable and aesthetically pleasing terraces and fences. Pots in various shapes, sizes and colors are decorative for gardens and interiors. GAAG also offers concrete benches, trash garbage cans, grills, smokehouses or gazebos that will enrich life with new recreational opportunities. Flower beds and other decorations of urban spaces (names, digital codes, geometric figures) are also becoming extremely fashionable.

 Inwestycja prywatna Szczecin – bloczek GAAG VIDE szary

Private investment Szczecin - GAAG VIDE gray block.


For more information, visit the company's GAAG page on the PdA portal.

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