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Backlighting with an idea

01 of September '20

The art of illumination from Bergmen
From the series "Modern lighting - trends 2020".

That the right backlighting can work wonders is no secret. Thanks to the skillful actions of architects, real magic happens after darkness falls - buildings gain a completely new character, new shapes and forms are emphasized, and ordinary elements become absolutely unusual. Light is a power, and whoever is able to take advantage of this fact has a huge field in front of him.

In the past, the available technology could stand in the way, but fortunately we live in an era when the only limitation seems to be human imagination. You no longer have to worry about how to realize the most difficult and daring projects. Why? Let us introduce innovative lighting solutions from Bergmen.

You have to admit that simple lighting of a building, bridge, terrace or garden is nothing difficult or unprecedented. Unfortunately, therefore, it is by no means a rare solution either. So how to stand out, attract the attention of a tourist, a visiting guest or an ordinary passerby, but at the same time impress him with the aesthetics and uniqueness of the design? Make him not only notice, but also watch? Well, we have a few ideas.

Photo: © BERGMEN

The first delegated by us to such a demanding task is Neon Flex. It was conceived as a successor to the classic neon tubes, which, after the triumphs celebrated in the 1960s and 1970s, are once again returning to favor, and the fashion for such lighting is gaining ground. Why a successor? Because, unlike its predecessor, it is much cheaper to use and make, safer, more environmentally friendly, and, most interestingly, allows free bending in two planes and almost equally unlimited cutting (see the video posted above). A wide range of colors, combined with high resistance to adverse external conditions, makes Neon Flex perfect for... basically anywhere. It can be a small shelf in a room, a staircase or a garden swing, as well as a luxury cruise ship, a skyscraper or an amusement park. After all, you remember that the only limitation is human imagination, right?

Photo: © BERGMEN

Our next suggestion is the Light-Edge system, which is a contour-edge LED system. Surely the first application you thought of was gas station backlights? Bravo, full agreement! Light-Edge has indeed been popular in this very industry for a long time, and this is because reliability and expressive effects count. It so happens that in this field our system is second to none. At Bergmen, however, we don't like to limit ourselves, and are just as keen to use our lighting in illuminating key elements of the facades of various types of buildings - from office buildings to single-family homes. Light-Edge is characterized by high resistance to outdoor conditions and UV radiation, so it can be used almost anywhere, while minimizing the risk of solar discoloration. The palette of available color variants is really wide, and you can also order an RGB version, which guarantees unlimited possibilities to create exactly the illumination you can think of. In short, it doesn't matter whether you plan to illuminate your tool shed or your private castle - as long as you want to do it impressively, but also aesthetically, the Light-Edge system will work perfectly.

photo: © BERGMEN

And what about indoor backlighting? Where, in addition to the effect, it is also important to save space and make the installed lighting unobtrusive? We do not extend - our proposal is the narrowest recessed profile available on the market. Yes, exactly - the narrowest. PRO-9 NANO. Its width is only 5 mm, it is compatible with our LED strips - Lestra Nano 2 mm and 3 mm, and it is a tailor-made solution for anyone who does not like to waste space or cannot afford it in their project. We recommend PRO-9 NANO for a wide range of architectural applications, because thanks to its size it will work perfectly whether it is stairs, furniture or backlighting a picture on the wall. An increasingly fashionable and certainly very interesting idea is to use backlighting instead of the grout between kitchen or bathroom tiles. Such a solution in modern interiors looks really great and pleases the eye, and PRO-9 NANO is perfect for this purpose. Of course, the profile alone is not enough to provide a satisfactory line of light, so we have paid a lot of attention to the tapes dedicated to it, and we can say with full satisfaction that they are characterized by very high luminous efficiency and an almost perfect degree of color reproduction. We mention the guarantee of obtaining the narrowest line of light on the market only in passing, as we are sure you will remember it.

Photo: © BERGMEN

There's no denying that getting the right backlighting effect is a challenging task, but certainly a worthwhile one. Linear backlights, on the other hand, seem to be the most attractive solution at the moment, and thanks to modern and innovative LED technology - also the most effective. It's a fashionable and effective solution that can't be accused of lacking aesthetics, one that highlights the best features of the design. At Bergmen, we are well aware of trends, we often create them ourselves, so we are constantly working to find solutions that are better and more interesting, and above all solutions that no one has yet dared to think of.

For more information, visit the company's Bergmen – Art Neon Lighting page on the A&B portal.

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