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Innovative Waterflow paving blocks

26 of November '22

POSIADALO Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. - Owner of 4 brands: GLADIO (paving, fencing), ECOHEAVY (counterweights), LIGHT FRAME (steel structures), BE&TON (GRC concrete gadgets). The GLADIO brand, as a thriving manufacturer of paving blocks and concrete products, offers durable water-permeable pavements manufactured with WATERFLOW™ technology, ensuring that rainwater seeps directly into the ground without being discharged into storm drains.

Bydgoszcz – Osiedle Rabatki, WATERFLOW™ szary

Bydgoszcz - Rabatki estate, WATERFLOW™ gray



The production uses the proprietary WATERFLOW™ technology, thanks to which the WATERPERMEABILITY of cubes produced with WATERFLOW™ technology is 25 TIMES GREATER than traditionally used cubes with joints between them filled with sand - according to Jerzy Przybiński - scientist andauthor of the paper "Technical and performance characteristics of WATERFLOW™ water-permeable pavers possible for the drainage of rainwater and snowmelt into the native soil while maintaining hydraulic rigor and environmental principles."

WATERFLOW™ szary na podbudowie z kruszywa

WATERFLOW™ gray on aggregate substructure.



WATERFLOW™ allows the laying of a paved surface that is as strong as standard concrete and at the same time permeable to water into the ground, thanks to its uniquely designed composition and granular structure with air voids permeable to water.

Gdynia – Willa Redłowo, WATERFLOW™ szary

Gdynia - Willa Redłowo, WATERFLOW™ gray



  • sustainable drainage system,
  • increased absorption area,
  • drainage of excess water into the ground,
  • maintaining adequate groundwater levels,
  • reducing areas of rainwater runoff in urban areas,
  • Preservation of hydrological balance in the environment,

Woda opadowa szybciej przenika do gruntu rodzimego

Rainwater infiltrates faster into the native soil


...which are DEVELOPING for the ENVIRONMENT and ECOnomic for CITIES:

  • compression of the negative effects of heavy rains,
  • reduction of the adverse effects of drought, thanks to the retention of rainwater in the ground,
  • permanent irrigation of vegetation,
  • relief of outdated drainage systems,
  • prevention of puddles and stagnant water on city streets,
  • no need to build costly retention reservoirs.

Biała Nyska – Park WATERFLOW™ grafit

Biała Nyska - Park WATERFLOW™ graphite



WATERFLOW™ CUBES and PLATES, with a decorative anti-slip structure, can be used on a variety of surfaces without the need for a drainage system. CUBES and PLATES made with WATERFLOW™ technology blend in with any terrain, without disturbing the beauty of nature and being a functional pavement at the same time.

Wykno – plac firmy POSIADALO, WATERFLOW™ grafit

Wykno - POSIADALO company square, WATERFLOW™ graphite


WATERFLOW™ cube with dimensions of 100 mm x 200 mm and 100 mm x 100 mm is available in gray and graphite colors. However, it is possible to produce CUBES and PLATES in WATERFLOW™ technol ogy in any size and solid color.


WATERFLOW™ cube - is an innovative solution that can influence the process of stopping climate change by increasing surface water retention.

WATERFLOW™ pavers designed for pedestrian, light and limited heavy vehicular traffic can be used tolaying terraces, driveways, paving around houses, gardens, walkways, sidewalks, park alleys, promenades, recreation areas, playing fields, playgrounds, active recreation spaces, bicycle paths, bicycle parking spaces, large-area parking lots, places of public use (streetcar stations, subway stations, train stations), internal estate roads, spaces around green areas, areas that require paving without access torainwater channels, areas that allow rainwater to accumulate in underground retention tanks.

Przyjazna dla środowiska podbudowa z kruszywa pozwalająca zachować ochronę zasobów wodnych

Environmentally friendly aggregate substructure to preserve water conservation



  • permeability - up to 310 dm³/m²/h,
  • absolute strength - the maximum pressure on a 20×10×8 cm water-permeable cube is 7 tons,
  • abrasion resistance using Bohme disc ≤ 21000 mm³/5000 mm²,
  • frost resistance grade F100,
  • average slip/slip resistance value (USRV) > 50 units,
  • splitting tensile strength 3.0 MPa, minimum strength ≥ 2.5 MPa,
  • flexural strength 3.0 MPa, minimum strength ≥ 2.5 MPa.

For more information, visit the company's POSIADALO Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. page on the PdA portal.

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