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Unusual and inspiring shutters - moving facades are the current hit!

07 of December '20

Don't have an idea for the facade of your property? Baier brand solutions will provide you with a striking finish and a spectacular play of light and shadow against the facade. These are modern sliding and accordion facades that provide not only aesthetics, but most importantly, sun protection with high resistance to weathering.

Baier supplies innovative movable façade elements. They are characterized by elegant and varied designs and excellent workmanship. They can be manually controlled or fully automated - adjusting according to the course of the sun. They promise the comfort of living, working and relaxing in a perfectly sunny interior.

Where to use intelligent moving facades?

Intelligent moving facades are great for use in residential buildings, but also in commercial buildings - hospitals, sports halls, commercial buildings, office buildings or hotels. They provide thermal comfort, an elegant finish, and at the same time take care of the privacy of users.

Inspiring shutters - moving facades


Thanks to the multitude of solutions, as well as the great flexibility in the design of shutters, it is possible to create facades based on individual projects. Baier encourages private and business investors to use this option.

Designing shutters - a large selection of hardware and colors

To fully match the shutters to the character and style of the property, they can be ordered in several versions to choose from. Single and multi-sash designs are available. In the case of accordion shutters, shutters consisting of up to 6 elements can be made and automated. Wood, aluminum, metal mesh, decorative glass, composite panels, aluminum sheets, as well as many others from a wide range of solutions are used for facade shutters.

Façade curtains tailored to your needs

By ordering modern façade curtains directly from the manufacturer, you can gain a unique finishing element. The systems are designed according to individual expectations - to size, in single, double or multi-sash versions, symmetrical, asymmetrical or telescopic.

Inspiring shutters - moving facades


The investor can indicate how they are to be operated, i.e. radio, automatic or manual, as well as define the number of sashes that can be folded out to one side. Baier guarantees that the products are made with attention to detail, with materials that are corrosion-resistant, do not fade and do not require time-consuming maintenance.

For more information, visit the company's Baier Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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