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Inter Door I Manufacturer of the highest quality doors

24 of November '22

Inter Door

Central to the operation of the Inter Door brand is listening to customers and meeting their most sophisticated expectations. We are not a mass manufacturer and do not want to be one. We are more like a large carpenter's workshop fulfilling unusual orders.

Drzwi wewnętrzne ALBA 3 intarsje w kolorze złotym

Interior door ALBA 3 intarsia in gold color


Following global trends and news, we try to come up with proposals that are characterized by fresh and original design.

We are constantly inspired by nature. We have a deep respect for it - it is one of our most important parameters. Our headquarters are located in the Tri-City Landscape Park, which is a wonderful environment for creative work.

We have been manufacturing premium doors for over 30 years . We offer interior doors, residential entry doors, glass doors, sliding doors, burglar-proof doors and fire doors.

Drzwi wewnętrzne OMIC

OMIC interior doors


Our offer is a wide range of customized solutions:

- We can make all interior doors in rebated or non-rebated version, most in reverse rebated version and on concealed frame.
- We make doors of different heights (up to 3 m) and non-standard widths (from 0.2 to 1.20 m).

We offer systems:

(a) RONDO system - the door opens to both sides with a rotating-sliding motion
b) Reverse rebate system - thanks to which the door opens to the inside of the room, but remains flush with the wall.
- In our offer you will also find concealed door frames (thanks to them you can hide the door in the wall) and door frames without a top bar (which makes the door appear even higher).
- We make non-standard cutters - we are open to adjusting the shape of the cutter to the customer's vision.
- We also have AKUSTIK doors - AKUSTIK collection with increased acoustic insulation parameters (37 dB for rebated doors and 36 dB for non-rebated doors).
- We make raised panels for all products.

Drzwi wewnętrzne VITA 6

VITA 6 interior doors


What sets us apart:

- Full construction - we do not compromise on the filling of our products. You won't find cardboard inside - only full panels with excellent technical parameters. You can feel it when you try to open the door - they are pleasantly heavy.
- Wide design possibilities - we are open to unusual orders. What we present in the image catalog is only an initial offer. We strive to meet the most demanding expectations.
- We make non-standard doors from 1 piece.
- We focus on quality - our products serve our customers for years, as we attach great importance to the materials used and each stage in the door manufacturing process.

Drzwi wewnetrzne BARI BLACK 7

BARI BLACK interior doors 7


More information about the company INTER DOOR in the PdA portal.

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