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Modular fixtures for residential, office and industrial interiors

28 of December '20

TEM modular electrical fittings for interiors in any style

The TEM / SYSTEM Polska Oficjalny Dystrybutor marki TEM w Polsce company is a rapidly growing European company that manufactures modular electrical accessories. The fixtures are dedicated to standard Ø60 boxes and to system boxes, the so-called Italian boxes, in which the layout of individual solutions allows a new perspective on the traditional product. The company's products are distinguished by exceptional convenience in use, thanks to the use of an unusual, proprietary design.

Modułowy osprzęt do wnętrzmieszkalnych, biurowych oraz przemysłowych © TEM

Modular fixtures for residential, office and industrial interiors


Accessories for modern and classic interiors

The company offers products that are not only functional, but also distinguished by interesting design and aesthetics. Among the available solutions are models of different colors and designs, so that they fit perfectly into both modern and classic decor.

PURE, LINE SOFT - a family of modern switches for all types of rooms

The products offered by TEM are designed for residential, office and industrial interiors. TEM fixture lines are created according to the principle of maximizing the benefits of their daily use. They reflect a modern, sophisticated and independent lifestyle. They offer an extensive and rich selection of colors, designs and shapes for changing the appearance of switches and sockets - you can match them to the atmosphere and mood of your dreams.


The line is distinguished by natural materials: metal, wood and glass. The unique design gives it a special character. It is amazing and yet discreet. It radiates sensuality, sophistication, high standards and neatness.


Elegant perfection of straight lines. Experience the brilliance of surfaces gently blending with modern room elements. The switches are distinguished by Soft Touch technology. Created specifically to make every touch a wonderful experience.


Rounded shapes outlined by the perfect choice of colors and coatings bring softness to the interior, and the touch is special.

Color and functionality - individualized aesthetics

The company has recently added two new colors to its standard color palette - anthracite and titanium. Both respond to the sophisticated sense of our customers and emphasize the details of the space according to their wishes. The TEM fixture series is also characterized by larger frames that concentrate more functionality in one place. Made of natural materials, they take advantage of the repetition of design elements, allowing them to achieve a high aesthetic level.

Modułowy osprzęt do wnętrz
mieszkalnych, biurowych oraz przemysłowych © TEM

Modular fittings for residential, office and industrial interiors


Modularity and versatility

The company has designed versatile fixture systems containing a variety of components. This allows you to create any combination to suit your taste. The basic elements of the system are modular, so they can be arranged both horizontally and vertically. Switch sets can be positioned in various ways, regardless of the shape and size of the box, either individually or in series.

For more information, visit the company's TEM / SYSTEM Polska Oficjalny Dystrybutor marki TEM w Polsce page on the A&B portal.

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