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Facility doormats from Unimat - a remarkable cleaning solution

09 of December '23

Unimat Wiper Factory is a Polish manufacturer and supplier of all types of object and system doormats: indoor, outdoor, ready-made, standard household doormats, drying-cleaning mats, dust-absorbing mats, doormats with logos, anti-slip mats and doormats, doormats made ofcoconut fiber, steel gratings, transit doormats for industry and warehouses, rubber-jewel doormats, settling tanks (tubs) for doormats, system frames for doormats, accessories, as well as aluminum profiles.

Wycieraczka zewnętrzna

Outdoor doormat


Individual approach

Every customer is important to us regardless of the size of the order. We make the vast majority of doormats to the dimensions specified by the customer, adapting them to the technical conditions existing at the site. Thanks to the huge number of available profiles, we are able to meet most of the individual customer's expectations with regard to doormats.

Wycieraczka wewnętrzna

Interior doormat


Original design

The doormats offered by Unimat are characterized by an original design due to the use of materials of many colors and textures as cleaning inserts, so that they match the floor, walls, facades, creating a complete, coexisting whole.

NOWOŚĆ! Przykład wycieraczki aluminiowej z logo obiektu

NEW! Example of aluminum doormat with the logo of the object



Unimat manufactures doormats with the highest precision defined in our factory standards as +0/-2 mm. This means that every doormat we produce is sure to fit the place where it will work.

Przykład wycieraczki reklamowo-informacyjnej

An example of an advertising and information doormat


Our mission

Unimat Wiper Factory has been producing high-quality facility doormats for more than 20 years. Our mission is to create products that effectively support customers' efforts to keep buildings clean with modern cleaning lines. Every day, our doormats contribute to reducing cleaning costs, enhancing the quality of life and creating a positive image of buildings. Whether you administer a hotel, an office building, an apartment building, a large hospital or a small office, an office, or simply have your own home, you need our doormats.

Przykład dużego pola osuszająco-czyszczącego wewnętrznego

Example of a large indoor drying and cleaning field


Our promise

We want to be a reliable, predictable manufacturer and supplier of the most effective tools for the daily struggle for cleanliness of our public and private spaces, so that our customers can focus first and foremost on their goals leaving the entrance areas of buildings to us.

Przykład wycieraczki o nietypowym kształcie

An example of a doormat with an unusual shape


We apply modern standards

Our products are manufactured in accordance with current regulations, and we perform a number of tests and certifications beyond current legal requirements. All this is done to always apply the highest standards in the production of our doormats. We operate globally. We will deliver the ordered doormats to every corner of Poland, as well as to every country in the world. We already supply our business partners in more than 15 countries.

We invite designers and architects to cooperate with us!

For more information, please visit the company page {tag:Manufacturer} on the PdA portal.

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