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Office furniture that supports daily activities and improves productivity

01 of December '23

A world of creative convenience

We are a Wroclaw-based company that has specialized in office solutions for over 30 years. Ergonomics is our passion, and a sedentary lifestyle is our biggest challenge. We understand the importance of active sitting and how lack of movement affects our health. We believe that working at a desk requires an immediate revolution. At Black Point, we are making it now by creating an alternative to traditional solutions.

Elektryczne biurko O”Desque z blatem drewnianym

O "Desque electric desk with wooden top


Our values

We believe that good design should serve not only people, but also the environment. We choose materials with great care and consistently incorporate solutions that support environmental stewardship into our products.

Ładowarka indukcyjna wbudowana w blat

Induction charger built into the countertop


Our offer

We create innovative furniture for offices, apartments and public spaces that nurture a healthy posture, support daily activity and improve productivity.

We combine the health-promoting functionality of our furniture and accessories with tasteful design and high-quality materials, as well as innovations dedicated to improving the quality of work, productivity and caring for daily well-being.

We offer modern electric desks, kneeling desks, furniture that supports active sitting and a variety of accessories - from elegant monitor holders to anti-fatigue mats.

 Dotykowy panel sterowania wysokością

Touch control panel for height


Our flagship products:

Kneel O "Kneel

This is an ergonomic chair that revolutionizes the way you sit. Thanks to its unique design, the kneeler allows you to sit comfortably in a kneeling position, which puts the spine in a natural, upright position, ideal for the user's health.

This product is an essential part of any ergonomic work environment and is an excellent choice for those who care about their health and comfort.

There are three models of kneeling chairs and a palette of ten color versions of upholstery.

Ergonomiczne środowisko pracy

Ergonomic work environment


Desk with electric top adjustment O "Desque

The ergonomic electric desk allows you to easily and smoothly adjust the height of the tabletop, encouraging you to change your position from sitting to standing. With a touch-sensitive height control panel built into the desk top, an integrated induction charger and USB ports, the O "Desque desk guarantees not only comfort and ergonomics, but also ease and pleasure of use.

We offer three models of O "Desque desks and five color versions of the desk top.

Regulowane biurko O”Desque z blatem szklanym

Adjustable O "Desque desk with glass top


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