Stainless steel swimming pools - an investment for years to come

Stainless steel pools, due to their excellent technical properties, flexibility of shaping and elegant appearance, occupy a leading position in the industry. This type of swimming pools, compared with other types of construction and finishing of basins, are much more durable and difficult to damage, more airtight, providing the comfort of prolonged and trouble-free use, meeting the strictest safety and hygiene requirements.

There is only one choice

Every investor knows how important it is to get an experienced and reliable contractor for the construction of a swimming pool, how important it is to properly plan and implement the construction process, as well as expert technical supervision at every stage. With more than 60 years of experience and an impressive number of more than 8,000 stainless steel swimming pools of various types built, we are the leading company in this industry in Europe.

ogrodowy basen
rekreacyjny ze stali nierdzewnej

Garden recreational stainless steel pool


Our company is a partner at every stage of pool construction, from the initial design to the commissioning of the facility. This applies both to the construction of new facilities and the modernization of existing indoor and outdoor swimming pool basins, which after many years of use cause the most operational problems.

Flexible system

We design and manufacture swimming pool basins of any shape and size. Private po ols occupy an important place in our business, because we can offer the customer the optimal use of his space and conditions available to him during the project. The self-supporting construction of the pool basin made of stainless steel and the patented system of circulation and supply of clean water allows very fast installation in any conditions and in any location. Practically there is no location where it would not be possible to install a basin in the Berndorf system.

Prywatny basen ze
stali nierdzewnej

Private stainless steel pool


Rich offer

Our offer includes sports and recreational pools, private and public, hotel and therapeutic pools. We build both simple garden recreational pools, as well as sophisticated basins installed on the roofs of buildings. We offer our customers a whole range of water and air attractions, lighting and sound effects, as well as numerous facilities for the disabled and children, such as special anti-slip surfaces, rounded edges, tactile information signs, or special entrances adapted for wheelchair access. Our customer receives a product that is perfectly tailored to his needs.

Basen w domu

Swimming pool at home


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