Wool carpets for the planet-friendly home

Wool carpets for the home friendly to the planet

Agnella, a Bialystok-based wool carpet factory, was born out of a dream of beauty. From the dreams of people who, for more than 45 years, every day make sure that their vision becomes a reality in interiors around the world.


DIAMOND DAMORE copper carpet

© Brintons Agnella

Experience and the latest technology

It is thanks to their experienced team that the rugs are woven from the finest yarns, with attention to the highest quality workmanship and using timeless design. Each product is designed and made by an experienced team, using the latest technologies.

The entire production process - from raw material to the final product - takes place under one roof at the factory in Bialystok. This allows for quality control at every stage of the carpet's creation, which is confirmed by the most important international certificates.Wool is our passion. It is a natural and fully renewable raw material. It is created and sourced with minimal impact on the environment. This makes wool carpets among the most planet-friendly.

ciemny beż

DIAMOND ANATO rug dark beige

© Brintons Agnella

Diamond is a collection of carpets extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. The very high and dense pile is made of the highest quality New Zealand wool. This is the best type of sheep's wool on the market, which affects not only the comfort of use, but also the prestigious appearance of the product.


DIAMOND YOKO alabaster carpet

© Brintons Agnella

Durability and workmanship

The rugs are extremely durable and will perform well for many years of use. The collection is available in several color palettes ranging from soft pastels to more classic browns and burgundy.

The Noble collection uses a unique combination of three levels of wool pile - loop, cut and flat. This gives the rugs a multidimensional and unique character. The color scheme is monochromatic, subdued, based only on shades of gray.

Dywan NOBLE ONI jasny szary

NOBLE ONI rug light gray

© Brintons Agnella

Thanks to the use of undyed yarn and significant reduction of water and energy consumption in the production process, the collection is created in accordance with the eco design trend.

For more information, visit the company's AGNELLA / BRINTONS AGNELLA Sp. z o.o. page on the PdD portal.