Water protection for the whole house

Waterproofing for the whole house

Damage caused by heavy rains can affect both property and the condition of the building itself. With help comes the method of waterproofing and other modern spray insulation for roofs, terraces and garages. Thanks to innovative products, you can quickly seal, as well as repair, those already leaking areas of the building. Waterproof coatings allow you to enjoy peace of mind, even during the most torrential rains. They are perfect for home renovations and DIY applications, as well as large-scale projects such as on industrial sites. It is worth noting that there are additional advantages of proper waterproofing of facilities - the price of operating a building can also be reduced.

Płynne membrany

Liquid waterproofing membranes


The best systems - a new quality of liquid membranes - DROOF 250 !

Canada Rubber has been successfully introducing waterproofing products, mainly for roof surfaces, to the Polish market for 10 years. For several years, the company has also supplied products for insulating roofs, foundations, garages, terraces and balconies.
One of the well-known and popular products in Canada Rubber's product range is a liquid, permanently elastic one-component waterproofing membrane called DROOF 250. This high-quality product is cold-applied and cured, and forms a resistant waterproofing coating with very long durability.
- DROOF 250 membranes are made from pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resins, which gives them excellent mechanical, chemical and thermal properties, as well as high resistance to UV radiation and other atmospheric agents. A particular strength of this solution is that it can be used on roofs with complex shapes or those that contain a large amount of infrastructure. These types of roofs cannot be effectively waterproofed using standard technologies, which is why DROOF 250 liquid resin works well here and ensures effectiveness in sensitive areas that usually cause leaks.
DROOF 250 resin is a solution not only for roofs. It is also a dedicated product for terraces, balconies and concrete surfaces.
- With the changing weather conditions in our country, we are increasingly giving up on terrace tiles, which are quickly degraded by weather factors. A major overhaul of the terrace carries a lot of expense, not to mention the flooded rooms underneath. Using our solution, we can easily and even independently make an effective waterproofing that will protect the balcony and terrace for years to come. In addition, thanks to the use of transparent Canada Rubber TRANS resin, we will create an external waterproofing layer, preserving the color of the tiles without tearing them off.

Powłoki typu „
zimny dach”

Coatings of the " cold roof" type


Decoration, insulation and ecology in one product - spray cork !

Completing the range of waterproofing materials is Canada Rubber's newest product - THERMOCORK® spray plug.
- This is the only solution of its kind on the Polish market, which allows for such an extremely versatile application. The revolutionary, natural and vapor-permeable THERMOCORK® cork coating is an ideal replacement for traditional renovation systems. Whether a building's facade, roof, wall or floor needs renovation, THERMOCORK® products will protect the surface and help solve thermal, acoustic and moisture insulation problems. Cork coating is resistant to fire, mold and cracking, as well as to adverse weather conditions.
Cork is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly material that can be applied to almost any surface. The solution is especially recommended for those looking for a smart and energy-efficient coating material.

- The great opportunity offered by THERMOCORK® is its speed and versatility. In practice, this means that with just one product we can efficiently renovate an entire building. This can be, for example, a wooden house on a plot, as well as other objects around the house. To work with the product, spray application with a paint gun is recommended, which allows for easy, fast and even distribution of the product on the surface to be protected.

Izolacja korkiem

Spray cork insulation


Quick repair of chimney or roof details

- To meet the expectations of our customers and contractors, we have also introduced a material for quick repair of roof details. Competitive technologies require pasting specialized mesh, nonwoven fabric, for example, around chimneys, embedded in waterproofing material, which often caused a contractor problem and increased working time and price. Our company has found a solution to this - this is the waterproofing compound FIX NOW, containing polyester fibers, which allows to make reinforcement as if inside the product. We are not the only ones who consider this product an interesting alternative to popular roofing putties. It has already been recognized and awarded, including a Gold Medal at the BUDMA Poznań Construction Fair in 2020.

For more information, visit the company's CANADA RUBBER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. page on the PdD portal.