Simple design or decorative details? Meet the corners that will be fashionable in 2022

A comfortable, well-designed living room space, has become increasingly important in the context of the current times, where the slogans: together, together, at home, pervade. Celebration of time spent with loved ones, usually takes place in the living room, so special attention should be paid to the selection of appropriate furniture, among which may be a corner sofa.

According to the observations made by the online furniture store Mirjan24, corner sofas with an "L" design are more often chosen than other upholstered furniture. Suggesting this information, below are the models of corner sofas that perfectly fit the trends for 2022.

Elsie –
narożnik z regulowanymi zagłówkami

Elsie - corner sofa with adjustable headrests


Simple doesn't mean boring - bet on color

Modern interiors go well with minimalist, geometric forms, which can also be used in upholstered furniture. When deciding on a corner sofa with a simple form, consider choosing a bolder color. Intense colors are great for emphasizing the solidity of the furniture. Among the trendy colors in 2022 will be warm shades of yellow, red and pink, which make a touch of coziness in the interior. An example of a minimalist corner in warm tones is the Ardisia model.

narożnik do salonu Ardisia

Minimalist corner sofa for the living room Ardisia


Navy blue and bottle green continue to triumph in interiors. They make the room gain character and allow to break away from the popular grays and browns. See how the use of bottled green presents the Antrodem corner sofa.

Antrodem – narożnik
w odcieniach butelkowej zieleni

Antrodem - corner sofa in shades of bottle green


Do quilting and stitching match a modern living room?

Quilted corners are mainly associated with Glamour, Colonial or English style, and are accompanied by exaggerated form and decorative buttons. However, it doesn't have to be this way. An example of the modern art of quilting is the Elsie corner sofa. Stitching running along the backrest, transforms into deep quilting on the seat. This type of decoration goes well with velvet and velour fabrics. The living room corner in such a design takes on a modern elegance.

Elsie – narożnik
z regulowanymi zagłówkami

Elsie - corner sofa with adjustable headrests


The corner sofas presented in the article (Ardisia, Antrodem, Elsie) were designed and made by the Mirjan24 brand, which has specialized in the production of upholstered furniture for more than 25 years. We invite you to visit, where you can read the specifications of the products and purchase the corners in various color versions.

For more information, visit the company's Internetowy sklep meblowy Mirjan24 page on the PdD portal.