Expressive style and elegance with a touch of extravagance - Novelle Furniture Costumes

Interiors have their own aura, color and taste - at Novelle we have been creating them for years

Based on years of experience, we create furniture and accessories for lovers of distinctive style. Our NOVELLE Sp. z o.o. is both timeless classics in a modern version and original designs for those who are looking for unique furniture, combining beauty and functionality, with a slight touch of extravagance. Our furniture is made in the Dobrodin factory, from the design to its implementation, we combine design with the best traditions of craftsmanship. Constantly developing, we continue to value the irreplaceable work of human hands and attention to every detail - we sign our furniture with the Best Quality mark , confirming that these are collections buttoned up to the last button.

Kolekcja Elia – Kostium meblowy №6

Elia Collection - Furniture Costume №6


Nouvelle Furniture Costumes

We are constantly looking for new inspiration, drawing from all over the world, choosing from forms, patterns and colors to create the "perfect Novelle style". Every season we offer new solutions in the form of Novelle Furniture Costumes - this is our recipe for a ready-made, contemporary interior.

Łóżko Iris – Kostium meblowy №4

Iris bed - Furniture Costume №4


Quality without compromise

We use only the best raw materials and materials, we subject them to uncompromising selection. Many of them can be found exclusively with us, so they can exist in your interiors, creating unique and original arrangements. We like to stand out, so bold juxtapositions, contrasts of textures and unique additions are the hallmarks of our collections.

Elia console - Furniture costume №6


Personalized furniture

When creating furniture, we keep in mind that everyone is different and has their own expectations and needs, so together with designers, we can customize furniture according to your needs. The facilities we have at our disposal allow us to modify individual pieces of furniture according to the client's guidelines, so that they fit perfectly into your interiors. Other dimensions, number of shelves, drawers, lighting - individual approach is our daily business. Welcome to the world of Novelle!

For more information, visit the company page NOVELLE Sp. z o.o. on the PdD portal.