Fina interior doors - an elegant blend of classic and modern

Doors can do so much. They organize space, protect our privacy and even decorate the interior. They can draw attention to themselves or form a background for the arrangement of the house, apartment. Ultimately, they adapt to different needs, and these can change very quickly.

Therefore, the choice of doors can be quite a challenge. In order to meet even the most demanding spaces and their users, the timeless Fina collection was created, which is highly regarded among VOX brand customers.

The collection was created with the idea of doors in line with our times, in which home space plays an increasingly important role. At the very beginning, designer Olgierd Jaskulski opted for timeless white, blending with any interior. A little later, the color range of Fina doors was expanded to include warm beige and gray. As a result, they will find their way into a subdued bedroom, a child's room, a study and even a modern kitchen. They will bring a touch of freshness to each of these interiors.
- We designed the Fina door collection with the user in mind, looking for a solid door, without glazing, well insulating sound and providing comfort to household members.

Drzwi Fina w kolorze szarym. VOX.

Fina door in gray color. VOX.


Stylistically, they refer to classic door designs, and the use of delicate double milling on the main surfaces of the leaf gives them a more modern character. The collection also includes quieter designs that allow us to create interesting compositional combinations," says Olgierd Jaskulski.
The leaf has been covered with as many as three layers of high-quality ecological acrylic paint, which, unlike other coatings, is more durable and resistant to dirt, damage and UV rays. Thanks to this, the models in this collection will be perfect both in an office designed for remote work and in the room of an energetic toddler, using the door to hang his favorite posters.

If we value a peaceful and undisturbed sleep, let's use Fina doors in the bedroom. Their sash is filled with full particle board, protecting against unwanted noises. In turn, reinforced hinges guarantee smooth operation for many years.

Drzwi Fina w kolorze beżowym. VOX.

Fina door in beige color. VOX.


How to perfectly match the doors to our interiors? We must take into account not only their design and color, but also their technical qualities. Ultimately, it is these that can prove crucial to the comfort of the living space. One such advantage is reverse rebate, that is, the ability to adjust the way interior doors open in the desired direction. This means that, depending on the layout of our apartment, one leaf can open outward and the others inward.

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