Durable and timeless quartz cladding

The most important advantages of TechniStone® material

Material TechniStone® is more than 90% natural raw materials such as natural quartz, granite, admixtures of mirrors and glass and colored pigments. Everything is combined with a small amount of high-quality polyester resin. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials and Breton's Italian production technology, TechniStone® material has excellent properties, especially high strength and durability.

Customers especially praise its easy cleanliness, hygienic working surface, resistance to damage and stains, the most similar texture to natural stones, and its long-lasting warranty, which gives customers confidence when choosing this material for their interiors.

Materiał TechniStone wykorzystuje w realizacjach m.in. architekt Krzysztof Miruć

TechniStone material is used in projects by, among others, architect Krzysztof Miruć


Wide application

The above-mentioned characteristics of TechniStone® conglomerates make it excellent for use in the form of interior finishes in apartments, houses or public facilities. Kitchen and bathroom countertops , window sills, stairs, floors or wall claddings are places where Technistone® finds its use. Making table tops, facing fireplaces or sinks or basins are other possibilities for the use of this material, The properties of this material are appreciated not only by individual customers, but also by developers and designers. TechniStone® is used by many architects, interior designers in Poland and abroad in their projects.

TechniStone - a company with many years of experience

TechniStone is a European manufacturer of quartz conglomerate of the highest quality and timeless design, characterized by excellent functional properties and a variety of applications. Thirty years of experience in the production and development of the product, the largest network of its own warehouses and Partners processing this engineered stone in Poland places TechniStone in first place in the country as a supplier of quartz.

Nowe dekory TechniStone dostępne od wiosny 2023

New TechniStone decors available from spring 2023


Wide distribution

TechniStone material is available at Authorized Stoneworkers throughout Poland. Brand partners include 4STONE - e-mail: info@4stone.pl; tel: +48 605 564 400; BRIAL - e-mail: biuro@brial.pl, tel: +48 660 352 139; EMAS - e-mail: biuro@emas-stone.pl; tel: +48 516 087 540; E-STONE - e-mail: biuro@e-stone.pl; tel: +48 789 456 654; FAINNER - e-mail: biuro@fainner.pl, tel: +48 512 090 091; GRANIT DULNIAK - e-mail: info@dulniak.pl, tel: +48 608 505 036; KIN-STONE - e-mail: kinstone@wp.pl, tel: +48 600 445 640; LASTRICO - e-mail: info@lastrico.pl, tel: +48 695 899 897; MORGANIT - e-mail: biuro@morganit.pl, tel: (42) 203 23 23; PERFECT STONE - e-mail: perfectstone@wp.pl, tel: +48 790 749 880; SB GRANIT - e-mail: info@sbgranit.pl, tel: +48 604 062 510; VERTIMAR - e-mail: info@vertimar.pl, tel: +48 600 513 500

For more information, visit the company's TechniStone® page on the PdD portal.